How Much Does It Cost of Living in Cyprus?

Cost of living in Cyprus

Cost of living in Cyprus

The cost of living in Cyprus is quite affordable for all the foreign nationals. It is a great destination for the international students due to its affordability and low costs.

  • The restaurants are quite affordable in Cyprus. Cyprus has got a broad range of varied international cuisine that is available at affordable prices.
  • The bars and restaurants in Cyprus provide local and imported beers priced at 2.50 Euros per pint.
  • There are a great range of wines that are around 2.20 Euros per glass.
  • The food in Cyprus is affordable and has a great variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
  • Petrol is also cheap in Cyprus; the prices are between 1.20 Euros and 1.45 Euros.
  • The accommodation, communications, education and healthcare costs are all fairly low and, for the most part, of good quality.
  • Public transports like buses are comparatively low

Below is the average accommodation price in Cyprus:

  • Furnished two-bedroom house -EUR 680
  • Unfurnished two-bedroom house - EUR 630
  • Furnished two-bedroom apartment - EUR 650
  • Unfurnished two-bedroom apartment - EUR 605

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