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Parent Visa

Overview of Parent Visa

A lot of people residing in Australia have parents who live in the other parts of the world. Because of this, they have this ardent wish of taking them to Australia and be with the either permanently or temporarily. Are you one of these individuals wishing to be with his parents to be with him in this country? You can make this happen through the Parent Visa Australia.

With this temporary visa, a parents, his/her spouse, and other dependent family members can migrate to Australia as long as his child (natural, adopted or stepchild), is a citizen of Australia, an eligible citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand. Currently, the Parent Visa Australia has different divisions. More so, this visa type may also be categorised according to the applicant's age, and his/her residence, if temporary or permanent.

How can
ISA Migrations help you?

ISA MIGRATION has been helping parents live with their children in Australia by providing visa application assistance and consultation. If you wish to apply for a Parent Migration Visa we can help you with the process. We can assess your current situation and recommend the most suitable visa for you. You can also contact us for questions on documentation, processing, and other crucial information regarding your partner visa application.

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