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Partner Visa

Overview of Partner Visa

Marriage between two people from different cultures and nationalities is no longer unusual. That is why, here in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs has introduced visas particularly catering to spouses, or soon-to-be spouses. Specifically, the partner visa category is for individuals who are partners of eligible citizens of New Zealand or Australia, and permanent residents of this country. Do you have a partner in Australia? To obtain the spouse visa, it is important to know what the word 'spouses' means.

Spouses are individuals who are to get married and are lawfully valid in Australia. In the meantime, a person is a de facto partner if he is in mutual commitment with another individual, and does not live permanently, separately with that particular individual. In this case, he or she can get the de-facto visa. Fiance or fiancée, on the other hand is someone who is engaged to be married. This visa type grants either the permanent or temporary residence to applicants. It is open too, to applicants who are both currently residing in Australia, or onshore, as well as those who are outside this country. If your ardent desire is to be with your partner in the said country, any of the partner visas is definitely for you.

How can
ISA Migrations help you?

ISA MIGRATION has been helping partners live together in Australia by providing visa application assistance and consultation. If you wish to apply for a partner migration visa so you can join your spouse or fiancé / fiancée, we can help you. We can assess your current situation and recommend the most suitable visa for you. You can also go to us for questions on documentation, processing, and other crucial information regarding your partner visa application.

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