Australia Introduces ‘Skills in Demand’ Visa for SMEs

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Australia Introduces ‘Skills in Demand’ Visa for SMEs

Australia is introducing a new “Skills in Demand” visa to fix major flaws in the immigration system like critical job roles and boost worker mobility within the sector. This step is a part of the much-awaited Migration Strategy, which highlights a thorough plan for the country’s migration system.

The home affairs minister, Clarie O’Neil, announced that the country’s primary temporary skilled work visa will be replaced by the “Skills in Demand” Visa as part of the changes to the Australian migration system. Australia’s Migration Strategy will fulfil the nation’s pledge to end the exploitation of foreign workers, according to Andrew Giles, minister for immigration, citizenship, and multicultural affairs.

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The “Skills in Demand” visa, which replaces the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482, provides three distinct routes designed to draw in temporary skilled immigrants who are vital to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and the country’s productivity:

1. Specialist Skills Pathway 

Makes it simple and quick for Australian employers to hire highly qualified specialists. If an applicant satisfies the general employer-sponsored eligibility requirements, they will be qualified for this pathway. 

2. Core Skills Pathway

Functions as an extension of the TSS visa and is intended to bring in the skilled labor that the nation will require both now and in the future.

3. Essential Skills Pathway

This approach, which is still in development, will concentrate on people with critical skills who make less than AUD 70,000.

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Important Characteristics of “Skills In Demand” Visa 

  1. Looking into ways for companies to handle costs, like the Skilling Australia Fund, to make it easier for them to hire workers from other countries.
  2. Visas are processed faster now. For jobs requiring special skills, it takes about 7 days, and for other types, it’s around 21 days on average.
  3. Lasting for 4 years, this visa helps you become a permanent resident easily.
  4. You can switch jobs while on this visa, and you have 180 days to find a new employer and keep working.
  5. Exploring to make it easier for authorized sponsors to hire migrant workers by updating the accredited sponsor process.

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According to the researchers, the above ideas are embodied in the new Skills in Demand visa, which offers a “triple-win” situation with expected benefits for firms, workers, and the nation at large. In a joint contribution to the Parkinson Review of the Migration System, Associate Professors Stephen Clibborn and Chris F. Wright, who were calling for change, suggested a “mobility visa” as a substitute for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

Minister O’Neil stated, “Associate Professors Clibborn and Wright’s positive, evidence-based approach to immigration policy is reflected in the creation of the new Skills in Demand visa.”

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