Direct Pathway To Australian Citizenship For New Zealand Citizens From July 2023

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Direct Pathway To Australian Citizenship For New Zealand Citizens From July 2023

Australian citizenship will be available to New Zealanders who have resided there for four years without first obtaining permanent status. After earlier year easing its attitude on deporting New Zealanders guilty of crimes, the adjustment is the latest in the Albanese government’s warm outreach across the Tasman. 

As indicated in the announcement made by Prime Minister Albanese,“ This is a fair chance for New Zealanders living in Australia, and bring their rights more in line with Australians living in New Zealand. I look forward to straightening our relationship.” 

New Zealand Citizens Will Have A Direct Pathway To Australian Citizenship

The Australian government has unveiled a new direct pathway to Australian citizenship for qualified New Zealand nationals to improve the two-country close connections. Beginning on July 1, 2023, 

  • All New Zealanders holding an SCV will be regarded as permanent residents for citizenship.
  • The duration of permanent residence for citizenship purposes for New Zealand residents who receive an SCV before 1 July 2022 will be retroactively 1 July 2022.
  • For citizenship purposes, New Zealand citizens who receive an SCV for the first time on or after July 1, 2022, are regarded as permanent residents as of that date.

The above rules will apply to New Zealanders living in Australia. It will also apply to New Zealanders abroad who had an SCV right before their last departure from Australia. These regulations will not apply to petitions for citizenship filed before July 1, 2023.

Children born to SCV holders will be impacted by the backdating of permanent residency for SCV holders. Any child of an SCV holder born in Australia on or after 1 July 2022 may automatically obtain Australian citizenship at birth beginning on that date. Children who fit these criteria can apply for citizenship documentation starting July 1, 2023.

You risk having your citizenship application rejected if you submit it before this deadline and do not meet the requirements, and you will not be eligible for a refund.

This move represents a substantial departure from the previous immigration regulations, which made it harder for New Zealanders living in Australia to get citizenship.

It is appropriate to give New Zealanders a chance to become Australian citizens and enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship because so many of them opt to reside here and contribute to Australia. This will be accomplished for New Zealand citizens who have lived in Australia for an extended period by retroactively calculating their citizenship tenure. As a result, they will be able to satisfy the general residency requirement’s 12-month requirement for permanent residence.

New Zealanders who already reside and work in Australia will notice a vital improvement in their quality of life through this policy shift, which will also enhance relations between the two countries and allow them to benefit from citizenship.

It is significant to stress that the rights of New Zealanders who already have Australian citizenship are unaffected by this policy change. The ability to vote, work, and receive social security payments are just a few rights they will continue to have as Australian citizens.


As a whole, this announcement is a big step in the right direction towards creating a more equitable and inclusive immigration system in Australia. The government fosters ties between the two nations and reflects their profound, close relationship by providing a straight route to citizenship for New Zealanders residing in Australia.

A migration agent can offer professional guidance and support throughout the application process if you want to apply for Australian citizenship. The public has responded favourably to the announcement, with many applauding the government for its initiatives to develop a more inclusive immigration system.

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