Unexpected Fall in Invitations For 189 Visa in August

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Unexpected Fall in Invitations For 189 Visa in August

Unexpected fall has been observed in the invitations for 189 visa in the month of August 2019 as compared to July 2019.

One of the Migration and Education Expert says that it was disappointing for many visa hopefuls in the August round who were looking forward to get a place secured for themselves before the changes could be implemented in November 2019.

The last year August witnessed around 2490 invites which has dropped to just 100 invites in the August 2019. The amount of invitations in August 2019 is in opposition to the invitations trend witnessed in the last few years. Generally, the months of August, September, October and November witness the most number of issue of invites. Migration Expert says, this is a major concern for some of the visa hopefuls who are going to be affected by the changes that will be implemented in the 2019 November.

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The invitation rounds are run by the Department of Home Affairs every month on the 11th day.

Majorly, the applicants having 85 points were sent invites. The decrement in the amount of invitations were only noticed for the Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 whereas the invitations for 489 Skilled Regional visa subclass witnessed no major changes and remained at 100.

According to the Melbourne-based Migration expert, the government is focusing more on the regional areas migration.

The close observation of the round of invites for the August 2019 shows that the Government is trying to tighten direct entry as permanent residents through independent sub-class 189. This is somehow also suggesting that the government is more interested and focused to push migrants towards the regional areas. As reported by expert, the near future will notice shift of visa grants under Subclass 491 and 494 where the migrants would be restricted of living and working in regional areas only.

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The introduction of the new visa subclass 491 and 494 will be observed while the changes in November 2019.

The visa subclass 489 will be replaced by 491 visa subclass which gained popularity within the skilled workers who were focused on moving to regional Australia.

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