Latest Occupation List – 2021 Updated For South Australia

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Latest Occupation List – 2021 Updated For South Australia

Are you planning to apply for a South Australian State Nomination for a Visa 491 or a 190 visa? If so, you must check whether the occupation is present in the list of South Australia Skilled Occupations. Here it is.
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Farm Managers And Farmers

Occupation ANZSCO
Aquaculture Farmer121111
Fruit or Nut Grower121213
Flower Grower121212
Grain, Oilseed, or Pasture Grower121214
Mixed Crop Farmer121216
Vegetable Grower121221
Grape Grower121215
Crop Farmers nec121299
Dairy Cattle Farmer121313
Beef Cattle Farmer121312
Deer Farmer121314
Horse Breeder121316
Goat Farmer121315
Pig Farmer121318
Mixed Livestock Farmer121317
Sheep Farmer121322
Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer121411
Livestock Farmers nec121399

Hospitality, Service & Retail Managers

Occupation ANZSCO
Cafe or Restaurant Manager141111
Hotel or Motel Manager141311
Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager141211
Post Office Manager142115
Accommodation and Hospitality Manager nec141999
Fitness Centre Manager149112
Amusement Centre Manager149111
Customer Service Manager149212
Sports Centre Manager149113
Transport Company Manager149413
Conference and Event Organizer149311
Facilities Manager149913
Cinema or Theatre Manager149912
Financial Institute Brand Manager149914

Specialist Managers

Occupation ANZSCO
Advertising Manager131113
Sales and Marketing Manager131112
Corporate Services Manager132111
Public Relations Manager131114
Human Resource Manager132311
Finance Manager132211
Construction Project Manager133111
Research and Development Manager132511
Policy and Planning Manager132411
Engineering Manager133211
Project Builder133112
Production Manager (Manufacturing)133512
Supply and Distribution Manager133611
Production Manager (Forestry)133511
Medical Administrator134211
Procurement Manager133612
Child Care Centre Manager134111
Nursing Clinical Director134212
Welfare Centre Manager134214
Medical Administrator134211
Primary Health Organization Manager134213
Health and Welfare Services Managers nec134299
Welfare Centre Manager134212
Regional Education Manager134412
School Principal134311
ICT Project Manager135112
Education Managers nec134499
Arts Administrator or Manager139911
ICT Managers nec135199
Laboratory Manager139913
Specialist Manager nec139999
Quality Assurance Manager139914
Sports Manager nec139999

Media & Arts Professionals

Occupation ANZSCO
Music Director211212
Music Professionals nec211299
Dancer or Choreographer211112
Musician (Instrumental)211213
Artistic Director212111
Book or Script Editor212212
Film and Video Editor212314
Director (Film, Television, Radio, or Stage)212312
Program Director (Television or Radio)212315
Video Producer212318
Stage Manager212316
Technical Director212317
Print Journalist212413
Newspaper or Periodical Editor212412
Television Journalist212416
Journalist and other Writers nec212499
Technical Writer212415

Human Resources, Business, & Marketing Professionals

Occupation ANZSCO
Management Accountant221112
Accountant (General)221111
Company Secretary221211
Taxation Accountant221113
Internal Auditor221214
External Auditor221213
Finance Broker222112
Commodities Trader222111
Insurance Broker222113
Financial Market Dealer222211
Financial Broker nec222199
Financial Dealers nec222299
Stockbroking Dealer222213
Financial Investment Adviser222311
Human Resource Adviser223111
Financial Investment Manager222312
Workplace Relations Adviser223113
Recruitment Consultant223112
ICT Trainer223211
Health Information Manager224213
Gallery or Museum Curator224212
Records Manager224214
Land Economist224511
Policy Analyst24413
Management Consultant224711
Organization and Methods Analyst224712
Patents Examiner224914
Liaison Officer224912
Advertising Specialist225111
Information and Organization Professionals nec224999
Marketing Specialist225113
Market Research Analyst225112
ICT Account Manager225211
ICT Sales Representative225213
ICT Business Development Manager225212
Technical Sales Representatives nec225499
Public Relations Professionals225311
Occupation (Category)
Engineering, Design, Science & Transport Professionals
Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
Education Professionals
Health Professionals
ICT Professionals
Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians
Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
Construction Trades Workers
Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
Food Trades Workers
Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
Other Technicians & Trades Workers
Health & Welfare Support Workers
Protective Services Workers
Sports & Personal Service Workers
Office Managers & Program Administrators
Other Clerical and Administrative Workers
Sales Representatives & Agents

With the above list, it would be easier for you pick on the occupation that suits your requirements. After that, you can go ahead and apply for a South Australian State Nomination for a 491 or a 190 visa. For any assistance, you can consult with our MARA registered Immigration Agent Adelaide at ISA Migrations & Education Consultants.

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