Temporary Visa Holders Can Return To Australia Without Any Exemptions

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Temporary Visa Holders Can Return To Australia Without Any Exemptions

The Department of Home Affairs has declared that Business visa holders (subclass 188) are free from Australia’s travel restrictions. Applicants holding the business investment and business innovation visas will mainly get this privilege. Although, they don’t have to apply for an exemption, but must enter Australia through solid evidence. They must prove that they fall under the exemption categories of the Australian immigration department.
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Noteworthy Highlights:

Before delving deeper, let’s focus on the prominent highlights of this news article.

  • Case scenarios of the travel exemptions’ approval have been unveiled by ABF’s Commissioner.
  • Only applicants holding the business visa (subclass 188) don’t have to apply for their respective travel exemptions.
  • A blanket exemption applies to applicants holding the business investment and innovation visas.

Many business visa holders of Australia are delighted at this proclamation made by the DoHA. A lot of requests have already started coming for the travel exemptions the DoHA have declared.

Who Are Eligible for The Travel Exemptions?

It entitles certain people to the travel restrictions as declared by the Department of Home Affairs. So, an eligible applicant has to be:

  • The holder of business investment or innovation visa subclass 188
  • Employed under the Pacific Labour Scheme or Seasonal Worker Program approved by the Australian government.
  • One of marine pilots which means a significant part of the Australian maritime crew.
  • One of the workers of the Australian airline crew.
  • A traveller who is leaving Australia for 72 hours or fewer than that.
  • A diplomat allowed to enter Australia while holding the 995 visa subclass.
  • A citizen of New Zealand who is also a resident of Australia and their direct family members.
  • A direct family member of a permanent Australian resident or citizen.
  • A permanent resident of Australia and
  • A citizen of Australia.

Applicants who don’t fall under any of these categories must apply for an inward travel exemption.

Who Are Entitled To Inward Travel Restrictions?

The ABF Commissioner has granted the requests for inward travel restrictions to people of certain categories. The ABF has submitted a particular document to the Senate Committee in the light of Covid-19. According to this, people belonging to any of the following categories can apply for the inward travel exemptions.

Compassionate Grounds

People who are affected by extreme compassionate grounds can apply for inward travel restrictions. These include situations like:

  • The partner of an Australian who will give birth or is in the final trimester of her pregnancy. These include temporary visa holders as well.
  • Visiting a terminally ill family member or the funeral of a deceased family member. This allows a maximum of four persons to visit at a time.
  • Visiting a critically or severely ill close family member who is surviving in Australia with a little medical support.

If a person is found to visit Australia without any of these reasons, then he/she will get penalised. This penalty will be in the form of an irreversible or continuing austere life in Australia.

Permission for Minors

Minors who want to reunite with his/her guardian or parents are entitled to the inward travel exemptions. In that case, a close family member has to accompany the child. This can either be the grandparent, aunt or uncle of the child.

Additional Circumstances!

Some applicants can apply for the inward travel restrictions. The only criterion is they have to fall in any of the following categories.

  1. One of the non-crew members responsible for the effective operation of a vessel.
  2. Elite sporting groups and each of their respective entourages.
  3. The direct family member of a non-citizen who has Australian critical skills and is holding a provisional or temporary visa.
  4. Persons having Australian critical skills.
  5. A military personnel.
  6. A non-citizen looking for an emergent medical treatment in Australia.
  7. A non-citizen entering Australia at the invitation of Commonwealth or state governments.

The travel restrictions were executed in Australia according to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee’s instructions. These travel restrictions have been beneficial in preventing Coronavirus from getting widespread in the country.

An Overview of The Business Innovation And Investment Visas

Both the business investment and innovation visas are state-nominated visas offering a validity of four years. People who wish to possess or manage an existing or new business in Australia can apply for any of these visas. As soon as the applicant’s business possession establishes, he/she can apply for a Permanent Residency. The application must be made via the business investment or innovation (Residence) subclass 888 visa.

188 Visa-

There is also other business visa in Australia which is the visa 188 temporary visa. Applicants, however, prefer the two visas above since they offer a PR in Australia. About 3612 applicants got nominations from the territory and state governments from 1st July 2019 to June’s end, 2020.

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