Travel Exemption Portal Updated For Immediate Family of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents

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Travel Exemption Portal Updated For Immediate Family of Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents

Permanent residents, immediate Australian citizen family members, or New Zealand citizens residing in the country can learn how to travel to Australia. It includes parents of permanent residents and Australian citizens, evidence to provide if they do not have a visa, and other essentials to look for while providing proof.

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Requirements To Fulfil Before Proceeding Ahead

Presently, the borders of Australia are closed, and entry is prohibited to prevent the Coronavirus spread. Individuals can travel to the country provided they have been granted or exempted an individual exemption. For that, they must read the below details. Travelling to Australia is possible if they are an immediate member of:

  • An Australian citizen
  • An NZ citizen residing in Australia
  • An Australian permanent resident

Enthusiasts are considered an immediate member if they are:

  • A legal guardian
  • A spouse
  • A de facto partner
  • A dependent child
  • An adult Australian parent (available from 1/11/2021)

What To Do If Applicants Do Not Have A Travel Exemption?

Before travelling, aspirants must apply for travel exemption provided they:

  • Hold a temporary Partner (Subclass 309 or Subclass 820) or a temporary visa or a temporary child (Subclass 445) Visa.
  • Do not have a visa at present.
  • Are holders of a Prospective Marriage (Subclass 445) visa. On a case-by-case basis, the exemption requests are considered. An intention to marry is not the only evidence to prove that they are a permanent resident, an immediate family member of an Australian citizen, or an NZ citizen residing in Australia.
  • Any details regarding Subclass 300 visa holders are available at travel restrictions and exemptions. They can go through the entire list of things to find out what is needed.
  • While applying for a travel exemption, individuals have to provide details of their relationship. The details have been included in the “Examples of evidence that you can provide.”
  • Go and click on “Apply to travel exemption” present at the lower section of the page and include evidence of relationship.
  • Travelling to the country is impossible unless they have been granted a travel exemption or have applied for it. Enthusiasts will need an Australian visa as well.

Parents Of Permanent Resident And Australian Citizens

Everyone must check details regarding permanent residents and Australian citizens concerning travel restrictions and exemptions.

Examples Of Evidence That You Can Provide

  • Being an NZ citizen, immediate family members are usually residing in Australia.
  • Permanent residency or immediate family member’s Australian citizenship,
  • Examples of evidence include:
  • Australian citizenship certificate, Australian passport, and Australian birth certificate
  • Evidence of usual Australian residency and New Zealand citizenship
  • Permanent residence evidence in Australia
  • Proof of your relationship to the permanent resident, Australian citizen, or New Zealand citizen residing in this country

Check Out Some Examples Of Different Types Of Evidence

Here, we will discuss about the evidence types for guardian, spouse, de-facto partners and dependent child.


Evidence required for spousal support are as follows:

  1. Documents and marriage certificate that prove the validity of your marriage in Australia.
  2. Evidence of mutual commitment agreements between parties in matters such as loan agreements, utility bills, property contracts, bank statements and others.
  3. Evidence that provides continuing and genuine relationship. The spouse might also have to produce evidence that proof the length and time of their relationship.
  4. Evidence that proof that these individuals are not living apart. They might have to produce house bills or utility bills that are in both partner names.
  5. Shared support and responsibility of children.

De facto Partner

Some of the examples of evidence that de-facto partners can provide includes:

  1. Evidence of a continuing and genuine relationship over a long time period, including documents that verify the relationship tenure.
  2. Mutual commitment evidence excluding combined personal issues. This includes but isn’t restricted to loan agreements, property contracts, utility bills, and shared bank agreements.
  3. Shared responsibility for children care and support
  4. Evidence of government acceptance. Also, you will have to produce evidence that state the acceptance of other public authorities and institutions along with the date of declaration.
  5. Evidence of the shared house they live in along with the time frame of this ‘live-together’. De-facto partners can produce household or utility bills that are in the names of both partners, if they prove proper living arrangements.

Dependent Child

There are certain evidences that you need to provide for children under 18 years of age. They are:

  1. Identity proofs and other necessary documents that prove relationship between the Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or permanent citizen and the dependent child. The most appropriate proof would be the birth certificate.
  2. Court orders if applicable as well as adoption papers
  3. Proof and documents of sole custody

Evidence that are applicable for children of 18 years and above include:

Evidence that demonstrates the complete or substantial dependence of the child on their parents for financial and other assistance. The nature of assistance includes:

  1. Clothing, food, and lodging
  2. Educational and medical costs
  3. Financial responsibilities
  4. Evidence that demonstrates that the dependence on their parents have been for a continued time period.
  5. Evidence from a medical professional that demonstrates dependence on parents.


A guardian of a child is someone who gets the responsibility for the child’s welfare for a long term. The guardian will also have all the powers, duties, and rights, vested by custom or law. Additionally, the guardian might also have powers like:

  1. Daily control and care of the child
  2. Responsibility and right to take decisions on behalf of the child, concerning control as well as daily care of the child.

Things to consider when supplying evidence:

When the exemption requests would be assessed, there are some information which won’t be in your favour. They are:

  • Misleading information and false documents that represent certain circumstances that no longer exist or never existed.
  • Inappropriate pictures
  • If you provide unreadable, irrelevant, or duplicate information, then the assessment would be delayed.
  • The documents containing information should be in English or at least come with proper English translations.
  • Social media posts or chat logs will not be considered as enough evidence of mutual commitment or co-habitation of a relationship. Applicants will have to provide other evidence to prove such matters.

Without the visa

Travel to Australia would be prohibited if you don’t have a visa. If you wish to gather more information on the process and how the processes are carried out, get in touch with Registered Migration Agent Perth at ISA Migrations and Education Consultants today. They will guide you throughout the entire process.

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