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Australian Graduate Visa

Australian Graduate Visa

The Australian Graduate Visa or the Subclass 485 is a temporary visa valid for students who are graduates of an Australian institute. After completing certain studies, they can already stay in this country to study, further their education, or work temporarily in Australia. The Australian Graduate Visa has two streams which the students can apply for. These include the Graduate Work Stream, and the Post-Study Work Stream. To get the said visa, it is a must for them to obtain and complete the requirements for each stream.

If you are interested to obtain the Australian Graduate Visa, you may do so as long as you are not over 50 years of age and you are an eligible visa holder. Additionally, your qualification must be related to a job on the list that's considered as a skilled occupation, under the Graduate Work Stream, or must have acquired the Post-Study Work Stream. One of the privileges this visa can give is that, it allows you to gain work experience in your area of study. More so, with the Subclass 485, you can stay in Australia for a particular time you are qualified for. You can study and work for unlimited hours too, and have multiple trips to, and from this country.

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