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Bulgaria – One of The Most Popular Study Destination

Study in Bulgaria

The colleges and universities in Bulgaria have public and private higher education institutions accredited by the Bulgarian national evaluation and accreditation agency. There are autonomous colleges and universities in Bulgaria. They are all responsible for effective Programme design and the quality assurance of the education. In all the institutions there is a quality management system for internal assessment and monitoring.

The European students may opt to study in Bulgaria in the national language that is Bulgarian or in the international language that is English, French and Germany and that depends on the availability of the programs. The European Union students can wish to opt for studying in Bulgarian language and get immense benefit from the Bulgarian scholarship. They have got two alternatives of financing their university study.

There is an opportunity to study in Bulgaria without IELTS. A non-European student can apply to study in Bulgaria as a self-paid student. He has to pay the full tuition fee and that needs to be paid two times in a year.

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