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Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602)

The Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602) is a temporary visa that allows people to gravel to Australia for medical treatments or consultations. One can also accompany someone needing medical support and treatment holding this visa subclass 602.

The Medical Treatment Visa allows an individual to travel to Australia for medical consultations and treatments. An individual can also accompany a person who needs medical support and treatment and a holder of visa. If you are interested to apply for the Medical treatment Visa if you are either donating or receiving an organ to/from someone. Also, you can acquire this visa if you have a medical consultation or treatment plan in Australia. Have you been refused a permanent visa and above 50 years old? Then this visa type is also for you.

This Medical Treatment Visa 602 also lets you study for up to three months besides medical treatment. You can travel to Australia several times depending upon the circumstances till the visa is valid.

  • Meets health and character requirements
  • Provide an evidence of your funds to support yourself and anybody accompanying for treatment during your entire stay period
  • Show arrangements for your treatment
  • Not have a medical condition that could be a threat to public health and ensure that you are clear of active tuberculosis
  • Do not hold any debts to Australian Government
What will be length of stay?

Your stay will last until the treatment plan or consultation are completed

How do I apply for this Visa?

Lodge a medical treatment visa application and submit the required documents. All documents not in English must be translated by an accredited translator.

What if the visa expires before medical treatment completes?

You are expected to leave before your visa ends, though you can apply for another visa in Australia if you require further medical treatment.

How long does it take to process?

Medical treatment visa (subclass 602) take between 15 working days to one month to process depending upon the complexity of the application and peak visa processing periods

Provided information should not be taken as exhaustive, additional requirements for the visa do apply. Visa requirements may differ as per individual circumstances. For your eligibility assessment visit one of our qualified professionals.

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Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602
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