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Visitor Visa Subclass 600

The Visitor Visa 600 lets an individual go to Australia to spend a holiday, have some recreation, or visit a loved one there, with a 6-12-month duration. You can also use this particular visa for other purposes like the short-term non-work purpose, for one since won’t be able to work for any business. Neither can you sell goods and services in Australia. You can apply for the Visa Subclass 600 if you are outside this country and willing to travel here temporarily. 

Aside from being outside the country and willing to travel to Australia temporarily, other applicants can apply for the visa subclass 600 if they have adequate funds during their stay in this country financial support to themselves. More so, they can acquire the subclass 600 if the reason they are visiting the country is genuine and does not include any medical or business reason. Lastly, an individual can apply for the visitor visa subclass 600 if he/she is able to provide both the health and character certificates.

The Australian visa subclass 600 lets you visit Australia on a single-entry or multiple-dispensation. Relatively, the 600 Visa might be issued for up to ten years. Application fee can be more expensive than the other visa streams. It also allows three months of stay, at the most, on every visit.

Not everybody and anybody can get the visa 600 Australia. You must meet the general eligibility criteria to obtain one. First, you must meet the character and health parametres required. Second, you can obtain the visitor visa 600 if you show or present evidence of your funds in order to support your stay in Australia. You must also show that you truly intend to temporarily stay in this country and do the activities in the tourist stream. Also, an eligible relative or friend, or an Australian Government agency must sponsor your trip to Australia to be able to get the subclass 600. Other prerequisites include having a health insurance throughout your stay in the country and you must not have any debt towards the Australian Commonwealth.

This section will help you understand better, what the Australian visa subclass 600 does to its holder. However, it does not allow you to work in Australia provided that you are a holder of the Visa Subclass 400. The questions about the visitor visa subclass 600 put emphasis on the processing time of the visa and its extension should the holder wish to stay a bit longer more in Australia.

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Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Australia
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