What are the Differences Between an Australian Working Holiday Visa and a Work & Holiday Visa?

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What are the Differences Between an Australian Working Holiday Visa and a Work & Holiday Visa?

If you want to know the differences between a working holiday visa and a work and holiday visa, you can check out this blog. Understanding the differences between visa subclasses can be confusing if you want to travel to Australia and are new to visas. It is not easy to even understand the differences between visa streams; in some cases, you need the help of experts.

Before you know the differences between the subclass 417 and 462 visas, you need to know about the eligibility and requirements for both of these Australian visas. You must know if the requirements are the same for both visas. In this guide, you will learn about the differences between a 417 and a 462 visa.

When Should You Consider Obtaining a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)?

Before you learn about the subclass 417 visa, you must know that both the 417 and 462 visas can allow international people to enter Australia on a working holiday. The working holiday visa of Australia is a temporary visa that can allow young people between the age of 18 to 30 years old to work, travel and live in Australia for a year.

The 417 Visa can be considered an option for Canadian, French or Irish passport holders who are between 18 to 35 years old. But most of the entrants under the Visa Subclass 417 are known to come from the UK.

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What Are the Eligibility Requirements for a Working Holiday Visa?

Before applying for an Australian working holiday visa, you must learn about working holiday visa eligibility. The criteria for this visa are as follows:

  1. Your age needs to be between 18 to 30 years old for you to be able to apply for this visa.

  2. You must hold a valid passport from one of the eligible countries mentioned below:

  • Canada

  • Belgium

  • Estonia

  • Republic of China

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • Germany

  • France

  • Republic of Ireland

  • Hong Kong

  • Japan

  • Italy

  • Malta

  • Republic of Korea

  • Norway

  • Netherlands

  • Taiwan

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

Some of the other requirements for this 417 Visa Australia are as follows:

  1. Your passport needs to be valid throughout the time you spent in Australia

  2. You will not have any dependents such as a child when you are in Australia

  3. It needs to be your first time getting the work holiday visa

  4. You need to be financially stable and be able to support yourself when you stay in Australia.

  5. You must ensure that you have no criminal records before you come to Australia.

  6. You need to provide the following documents to be able to apply for the 417 subclass visa:

  • A valid passport with blank pages

  • An application form that is completed.

What is an Australian Work & Holiday (462) Visa?

The Working and Holiday Visa 462 is a unique Australian visa that can allow you to experience the fantastic lifestyle of Australia and know what it is like to live, work and travel in Australia. It is a visa that allows you to stay in Australia for a year and opt for temporary work there. Most of the people granted this 462 visa are from the United States.

How Do I Know if I Am Eligible for a Work & Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)?

Before you apply for a work and holiday visa, you need to know the visa subclass 462 eligibility. You can only apply for this visa by fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. You need to be between 18 and 30 years old

  2. You need to possess a valid passport from an eligible country

  3. The list of eligible countries under the 462 visa is as follows:

  • Chile
  • Turkey

  • Malaysia
  • Argentina

  • USA

  • China

  • Austria

  • Ecuador

  • People’s Republic of the Czech

  • Hungary

  • Greece

  • Israel

  • Indonesia

  • Peru

  • Luxembourg

  • Poland

  • Peru

  • Portugal

  • Singapore

  • San Marino

  • Slovenia

  • Slovak Republic

  • Spain

  • Vietnam

  • Uruguay

The other requirements for the Visa Subclass 462 are as follows:

  1. You must have no dependents coming with you to Australia
  2. You must have no dependents coming with you to Australia
  3. This needs to be your first subclass 462 visa
  4. You should not have any criminal records
  5. You need to meet the educational requirements
  6. You must have a certain level of English language proficiency, and you need to provide proof of that
  7. You need to have a letter of support
  8. You need to have a valid passport with blank pages
  9. You must provide passport photos
  10. You must complete your visa application form
  11. You need to be able to support yourself while staying in Australia financially.

Key Differences Between Work Holiday Visas and Work & Holiday Visas.

Some of the important differences between the working holiday visa subclass 417 and the 462 visas are as follows:

  1. Under the 462 visa, you will need an educational certificate to meet the education requirements, but for the subclass 417 visa, you will not need this. This is one of the basic differences between the two visas.

  2. For the Working Holiday Visa 462, you need to have a functional level of English language skills, but for the 417, you do not need to have this skill.

  3. The 462 visa needs you to have a letter of support from your government, but for the 417 subclass visa, you do not need to provide such types of support letters.

  4. The work and holiday visa has some specific educational requirements, while there are no education requirements for the working holiday subclass 417 Visa. The education needed depends on your country.

  5. For the 462 visas, you will need a letter of support from your home country unless you are from the United States.

  6. There are countries where the supporting letter can be an introduction letter from a tertiary institution or a good conduct certificate.

  7. As visa 462 needs you to provide evidence that you have functional English, unlike the subclass 417 visa, you can prove your functional English in different ways, such as:

  • You need to hold a passport that is issued by the US, Canada, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.

  • A properly completed English skill Bagrut exam at level 3 study unit if you hold an Israeli passport or are a citizen of Israel.

  • You must score an average band score of 4.5 or equal to that from IELTS.

After fulfilling the requirements stated above, you will be able to apply for an Australian visa, but you should expect delays in the processing time of the visa. There might be some documents that you need to bring during this time, like a declaration that you must fill in 72 hours before departing.

This can help to track the visitors and know about their health coming in and out of Australia under a Visa Subclass 417. From January of 2021, it has become a requirement for all travellers except the ones under five years old to have a negative PCR test while coming to Australia. After arriving, you need to stay in quarantine for around two weeks.

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As you know the differences between both the 417 and 462 visas of Australia, you can choose to apply for either of them based on your circumstances. But if you are having trouble filling up the application form, you will need the help of the best migration agents in Adelaide. You can contact ISA Migrations to access the best migration agents to help you apply for both working holiday Australian visas.

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