What Should You Know About The Australian Working Holiday Visas?

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What Should You Know About The Australian Working Holiday Visas?

A working holiday visa allows an international visitor to work during their holiday to cover their costs. There are two types of this visa. The Working Holiday Visa 417 is designed for young individuals who want an extended holiday in Australia and work during the period to cover their costs. This visa is given to applicants whose age falls in the range of 18-30. However, for applicants from France, Canada, and Ireland, the maximum age limit is 35. Here’s a quick rundown on all the aspects you should know about the working holiday visa.

Working Holiday Visas

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Know about the Working Holiday Visa and its types-

There are three streams under the Visa Subclass 417:

  • First Working Holiday Visa
  • Second Working Holiday Visa, issued after 3 months of work
  • Third Working Holiday Visa, issued after 6 months of work

Another visa in this category is the Working Holiday Visa 462, best known as Work and Holiday Visa. The eligibility is more-or-less the same as the 417 Visa, except the maximum age limit for all the applicants (including French, Irish, and Canadians) being 30. Visa Subclass 462 also has three streams.

  • First Work and Holiday Visa
  • Second Work and Holiday Visa, issued after 3 months of work
  • Third Work and Holiday Visa, issued after 6 months of work

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What you should know before you go to Australia?

First, you should make sure that you have prepared everything to ease past the immigration. At least three months before you start your journey, you should start planning and making preparations. The following two points are the most vital ones.

– Arrange your finances

For any Australian visa, providing proof of sufficient financial capacity is a must. If you want to visit Australia with a working holiday visa, you need to show one of the three things.

  • A bank account statement that will provide you access to at least AUD 5000.
  • A booked return flight ticket.
  • Enough financial capacity to buy a flight ticket.

For convenience, you may keep a printed version of these documents throughout your entire holiday.

– Choose a Location

One of the significant benefits of a working holiday in Australia is its flexibility. During a working holiday, you can go wherever you want and enjoy the place. You can also live in one city or town and work there as a full-time employee.

  • If you want to make your working holiday an effective one, you can choose to settle down in several places within short distances to enjoy an extended period of stay. The reason is that Australia is a large country, where you may have to travel for several hours while moving from one town to another.
  • Some popular locations in Australia include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, etc. Each city has its flavour, which can fill your soul to the fullest. While Sydney is famous for its beaches and natural experience and Melbourne for its culture and Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, on the other hand, is known for its churches.

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What you should do during your stay in Australia?

Once you have sufficient financial strength, properly arranged your documents, booked your flights, and made a list of Australian destinations you want to travel to, you have to decide what you will do during your stay in Australia. We have discussed four important things you should do.

  1. Make a to-do list after arrival

    After setting your foot on Australian land, the first thing you should do is to make a to-do list. Your list should contain the following.
    – Open a bank account: The available options include Commonwealth, ANZ, and Westpac. Opening an account in the ANZ Bank will benefit you if you want to travel to New Zealand in future.
    – Get a new contact number: Several major mobile networks are available for international visitors, including Vodafone, Telstra, and Optus.
    – Find your accommodation: For a basic room, the weekly rent may be in the range of AUD 130-150. If you go for much larger or nicer rooms in better locations, the rent will be higher, maybe in the weekly range of AUD 190-230.
    – Apply for the tax number: For any job you are employed in, you will need a tax number. With this tax number, the ATO (Australian Tax Office) monitors the finances of the employees. You can apply for the number online.

  2. Find a job

    Once you have set your things, you have to now focus on getting a job. For this purpose, your visa will help you. Remember that you will be able to work for only six months with a single company with this visa. The most popular employment sectors for WHV holders are as follows.
    – Restaurants and bars: Finding work in this sector can be easier as they always hire people. Your accent can be another advantage for you.
    – Retail: Heavily attended tourist shops mostly recruit international travellers.
    – Hostels: At a hostel, you may be employed as a receptionist or in the housekeeping service. However, you should be careful because several work arrangements involve no pay in exchange for a few hours of work a day.
    – Sales or Fundraising: This sector involves telemarketing and door-to-door services and is one of the sectors that recruit travellers in large numbers. However, you should only choose those companies that offer commission-based salaries.
    In addition to these sectors, you can also choose to do farm work or seasonal jobs.

  3. Travelling within Australia

    Australia is a large country, and you will have plenty of options to explore. Sometimes, it may take you long hours to move from one town to another. Available options are:
    – Flights: It may require a high budget but can be needed at times.
    – Open buses: This can be a good option for you. You can purchase a bus ticket for a particular destination and be allowed to hop on and off only a limited number of times in your journey.
    – Car Rent: It is the best option to explore the country. You can stop anywhere while travelling.

  4. Taking a holiday

    Taking a holiday from your daily work will undoubtedly give you some refreshments. Here are some popular holiday destinations in Australia.
    – East Coast: The East Coast is filled with beautiful beaches, which you find in Queensland and New South Wales. If possible, you can also make time to see the Great Barrier Reef or the Atherton Tablelands.
    – West Coast: On the West Coast, you will find the completely different beauty of Australia. As not many travellers visit this area, you can enjoy the unexploited beauty.
    – The Red Centre: World-famous opal mines and vast stretches of deserts form this region, where you will be spellbound with the beauty of magnificent Uluru or Ayers Rock.
    – Tasmania: Cradle Mountain, Bay of Fire, Wineglass Bay are some of the natural wonders you can enjoy in Tasmania.

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How can Immigration Agent Perth help you get your Working Holiday Visa?

For the visa application procedure, you can find help from any immigration service provider in Perth, who can assign you their top-rated migration agent in Perth. However, there are many unregistered agents in the market, and you should be careful about them. While hiring, check whether the professional is a registered Migration Agent Perth or not and then finalize your association with them.

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