Digital Nomad Visa Australia: All You Need To Know

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Digital Nomad Visa Australia: All You Need To Know

You might be surprised to hear that Australia does not provide for those seeking to work remotely. Australia does not yet have a policy that allows you to work remotely in Australia or grant visas for digital nomads. Having said that, there are several options for working remotely in Australia. 

Overview of the Australia Digital Nomad Visa

Do you know what a digital nomad visa is? Let’s quickly understand what a digital nomad visa in Australia is. There isn’t a special visa that permits entry for digital nomads in Australia. But this doesn’t stop them from being able to reside there. Different visa choices are ideal for visiting the nation while conducting remote employment. Certain visas provide a 3-, 6-, or even 12-month stay. There’s a choice that will suit your needs.

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), also known as the Visitor Visa or eVisitor, is popular among digital nomads due to its simplicity in acquisition. These visas are temporary and can be granted for durations of three, six, or twelve months, permitting multiple entries into the country. Applications for visitor visas are open to all nations.

The Working Holiday Visa is an excellent choice for an Australian digital nomad visa. This extended visa enables you to work and reside in Australia for a full year. There are two distinct subclasses of this visa: 417 and 462, each designated for specific jurisdictions.

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What Are The Advantages Of Living In Australia As A Digital Nomad?

First and foremost, the benefit of living in Australia as a digital nomad is that you can work from anywhere. Let us quickly understand some other benefits of living in Australia as a digital nomad.

  1. Relaxed and comfortable lifestyle: While working as a digital nomad, you might enjoy a comfortable and cosy lifestyle 
  2. Strong internet access: Australia offers great internet and wifi services.
  3. Co-working spaces: You might work in a co-working space with other remote workers. 

Furthermore, the nation’s abundance of such co-working spaces would delight any digital nomad. Depending on where you live, the top options are Hub Australia, The Commons, DeskSpace, and Spacecubed. And don’t worry—any nomad may operate in these locations while enjoying great Wi-Fi speed.

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Australia Remote Work Visa Options

Selecting the appropriate visa for remote work in Australia is a complex process. Even though the visitor visa is the most common and straightforward, you should carefully weigh your options to make the best decision.

Visitor Visa

A Visitor Visa 600, is a visa for tourists. This visa gives you permission to stay in the nation for recreation purposes and tourism.  

This Australian visa is available for all nations and permits one to live in Australia for a maximum of 12 months. This visa is technically only good for travel, cruises, and other medical-related or non-business activities. It is a transitory visa, and you determine its duration according to your intended stay length and purpose for visiting Australia. Your visa cannot be extended, and you must reapply to remain there longer. Let us quickly understand the requirements of the Australian Digital Nomad Visa.

The Australian digital nomad visa requirements for a visitor visa are:

  • Working in Australia is not permitted.
  • Your stay in Australia must be covered by adequate health insurance.
  • Before the expiration date of your visa, you must leave the country.
  • It is impossible to stay longer than 12 months in a single 18-month period.

eVisitor Visa

European Union citizens can apply for an Evisitor Visa 651 to travel to Australia. With this permit, one can travel to Australia for up to three months in any one year, and you can come as often as you want. If you have this visa, you can go to Australia on business, as a tourist, or to see relatives or friends. This visa cannot be extended. You must apply for a new visa if you are looking to extend your time in Australia. Let us quickly understand the requirements for an eVisitor Visa: 

  • Working in Australia is not permitted.
  • Any study or training must not be more than three months.
  • There must be no sign of tuberculosis on your body.
  • There can’t be any 12-month or longer criminal convictions on your record.

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Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visas are temporary permits accessible to individuals aged 18 to 30 (or 35 in specific countries). There are two types of visas: 417 and 462, each applicable to various nations. With this visa, you can stay in Australia for a maximum of four months, aiming primarily for temporary work to fund your travels. Any job opportunity is open under this visa category.

The requirements of a digital nomad visa in Australia in case of a working holiday visa are:

  • If the job you are applying for is unrelated to the business or tasks you are applying for, then you are not allowed to work in Australia.
  • There is no reason for you to stop working for your employer.
  • Before the expiration of the visa, you must satisfy outstanding public interest criteria.
  • Activities disrupting the Australian community or groups within it, or violence that threatens harm to them, must not be participated in.
  • Your stay in Australia must be covered by adequate health insurance.
  • A seven-day notice of your place of residence in Australia must be sent to the department in writing before the visa expires.
  • There can be no more than six months of employment with one employer.
  • While in Australia on this visa, you can’t study or train for more than four months.

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There is no denying that Australia is a paradise of great locations and breathtaking scenery. The country is still accessible despite lacking a visa geared toward digital nomads. Several visa options are available for people who want to live and work remotely in this beautiful country. Why wait any longer? Embark on your digital nomad journey and make Australia your next destination with the help of a migration agent in Perth!

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