How Does a Student Visa Lead To Permanent Residency in Australia?

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How Does a Student Visa Lead To Permanent Residency in Australia?

Generally, people identify Australia, popularly known as “The Land Down Under,” with kangaroos, koalas, Crocodile Dundee, and the outback. Australia is an incredible location to live with a laid-back culture and people who are hospitable and pleasant, with a balance of vibrant urban areas and vital open expanses in the heart of the country. It is also one of the top locations for studying abroad globally because of the quality of the classroom education and the availability of internationally recognised degrees.

A student visa in Australia is for international students willing to study in an Australian educational institution or university. It allows them to stay in Australia for five years or till the completion of their studies. These students can apply for a temporary graduate visa (type 485) after completing their studies, which allows them to stay for additional coursework, an internship, or employment.

After completing their education, students typically apply for Post Study Work Visas before moving on to General Skilled Migration to become Permanent Residents (PR). It might be challenging to determine your chances of obtaining Australia PR (Permanent Residence) and what steps to take next. Many students will ask a buddy who has previously applied, but this might be risky because the criteria change frequently. For instance, many students talk about the SOL and CSOL lists.

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Pathways to obtain PR in Australia

International students have access to a variety of pathways. Which one is best for you will depend on various variables, including the degree you have earned, proficiency in English, work history, and several other requirements. The three most popular methods or options for obtaining a visa are covered below. 

The three most popular visa types for students are covered in detail:

Post-Study Work Visa

Students may work without restrictions for two years with the After Study Work Visa. Applicants can apply for this visa if they have successfully finished a two-year full-time study programme, typically leading to a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Yet, many students aren’t eligible for permanent residence after completing their education. Either they need more than the required number of points for skilled migration, or they lack a sponsoring employer. One uses the After Study Work Visa in Australia to accomplish the Australia PR requirements for a permanent visa.

General Skilled Migration

A permanent visa under the skilled migration programme is granted based on the candidate’s qualifications and work history; an employer is not necessary to sponsor you. Additionally, candidates must pass a points test and show proficiency in the English language. Points are awarded depending on several criteria, including the applicant’s age, educational background, and level of English proficiency.

Generally, graduates request a Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). There is a point-based system for skilled employees between 18 and 49 not sponsored by a family member, company, or state government. Candidates must also submit an EOI and complete a skills evaluation. The Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) enables applicants to live and work permanently in Australia.

Employer-Sponsored Visas

Another well-liked method of obtaining a PR visa in Australia is employer sponsorship. The requirements for skilled immigration are sometimes inaccessible to many candidates for employer-sponsored visas. Candidates for this visa must first obtain a temporary visa (subclass 482) and work in Australia for their sponsoring employer for at least three years before applying for a permanent visa. Some candidates can apply for a 186 visa (permanent residence) immediately, but businesses prefer the TSS 482 visa route.

Alternatives to the Permanent Residency Visa

There are numerous additional ways to apply for a permanent residency visa in Australia. Here are two alternative visas for Australian permanent residency:

Investment- or business-stream Permanent Resident Visa: This visa type is for people prepared to invest in Australia for financial or commercial gain. To be qualified to apply for PR under this stream, you must hold a provisional visa (subclass 188) for at least one year and meet the financial requirements.

Family-stream Visa for Permanent Residency: Parents, kids, partners, or other dependant relatives who are Australian citizens or long-term residents of Australia are eligible.

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Australia PR 

A permanent resident is an immigrant who has settled in Australia but is not a citizen. A person who lives in Australia as a permanent resident has the right to come and go as they like.

There are various privileges that a permanent resident can utilise in Australia. With these benefits, permanent residents can:

  • Participate in any domestic activity, such as jobs and education.
  • Take the Australian government’s national healthcare programme, “Medicare”.
  • Apply for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), which enables Australian citizens to postpone the payment of their higher education tuition costs.

One must apply for a skilled visa through the SkillSelect programme, run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, to obtain a PR visa after completing their academic programme. It is an online application site for candidates (expression of interest).

The platform gives qualified workers access to various PR visas, both permanent and temporary. The portal runs automatically, sending ITA to the top candidates twice a month. The Australia PR eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Age must be between 16 to 49
  • Must provide Information about the candidate’s personal life
  • Appointment as a nominee
  • Details about education and work experience
  • English language test outcomes
  • Scores for the specified occupation’s skill assessments
  • A background in business and investing

Now that you know everything about how to get a Permanent Residency in Australia, you can follow the above points carefully and start with the Australia PR process, keeping in mind all the essential details.


Australia has always been very hospitable and prioritises those who want to establish a long-term relationship with the nation. It is crucial to consider and balance all the decision-related factors while picking a course, including potential possibilities, chances of becoming PR, and many more. Immigration laws, employment requirements, and other factors are constantly changing, so it is crucial to be informed and follow the advice of an Immigration agent in Adelaide to get permanent residency without stress to immigrate successfully. In other words, study thoroughly on a student visa without worries.

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