Your Ultimate Guide To Subclass 482 Visa: Requirements, Processing Time, And Conditions

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Your Ultimate Guide To Subclass 482 Visa: Requirements, Processing Time, And Conditions

The Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa Australia enables an Australian firm to hire workers from abroad if they can’t fill a position with an Australian with the necessary skills. 

In essence, the TSS 482 Visa’s purpose is to address Australia’s labour shortfall. The subclass 482 visa is allowed for up to four years, depending on the occupation. Jobs on the STSOL (Short Term Skilled Occupations List) are eligible for two-year visa extensions. You can obtain a visa 482 for up to four years if your professions are on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Skills Shortage List). The Employer Nomination Program may provide a route to permanent residency for holders of 482 visas.

You can work in one of three primary streams under visa subclass 482. 

The Sponsorship Streams

You can sponsor to work in a nominated occupation under one of the following three streams if you are applying for the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa:

Short-Term Stream 

Your employer may hire you as a skilled worker from overseas and sponsor you for temporary employment on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) using the Short-Term stream. The occupation you have applied for must be for a maximum of two or four years. If your employer qualifies to designate you under an International Trade Obligation (ITO) and can do so under the following circumstances:

This visa costs AUD1150 in price. You may only renew under this stream once when you are in Australia.

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Medium-Term Stream

For the jobs on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) or Regional Occupation List, the employer may sponsor you as an overseas skilled worker for four years under the medium-term stream (ROL).

Labour Agreement Stream 

The company may use this stream to enter a labour agreement to sponsor you as an overseas skilled worker.

Subclass 482 Visa Requirements

The Visa Subclass 482 must include all necessary documentation and information. The application form must be free of any incorrect documentation of any kind. The processing of the visa will be challenging if any situation arises. The following are the TSS 482 Visa Requirements:

  • The appropriate applicant should meet the requirements for character and health.
  • “Visa 482” is available for all applicants, regardless of age.
  • It is a need for the applicant to speak some English.
  • It is necessary to satisfy the employer’s requirements.
  • The relevant entity needs to put out the candidate.

Eligibility Requirements For Subclass 482 visa

The designated visa is for the person who hires applicants to fill a specific position. Higher-ranking Australian government authorities will evaluate these visas, so you must carefully follow every instruction. An applicant must meet the requirements given below in their entirety to qualify for visa 482:

  1. The minimum age to apply for a Subclass 482 Visa needs to be specified.
  2. You should now possess either a substantive visa or one of the bridging visas A, B, or C.
  3. If you are already present in the nation when you seek a visa, you must abide by the terms of a substantive or bridging visa.
  4. Before submitting a visa application for Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482, your financier must provide specific information about you. Only if they are an authorised financier or have at least submitted the application to become a regular business sponsor is “this visa” conceivable.
  5. You must have a job in your relevant profession and other related entity.
  6. You must have been employed in that specific profession and may only have worked for that desired company.
  7. You must understand that you must be capable of handling the task at hand if you are seeking a primary visa. Some applicants may entitle to training to demonstrate that they meet the standards for their work assessment.
  8. Two years of experience in a specific occupation must be acquired while practising that occupation. Your work in the designated role will involve the same or closely related work in the Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations if you have any work experience in the selected field (ANZSCO).
  9. Primary and secondary visa holders are responsible for their medical expenses outside Australia. Before entering the nation, one must maintain a health insurance plan.
  10. The Australian government has outlined the health standards for visa Subclass 482 that applicants must fulfil to be granted the visa.
  11. You and your family member applying for visas should meet the moral standards outlined by the applicable nation.
  12. You must possess a valid visa to enter and remain in the country.
  13. You should not owe the Australian government any money you apply for the visa.
  14. While you were in Australia, there shouldn’t have been any cancellations or rejections of your visa.
  15. Basic English proficiency is required of the candidate.
  16. The applicant must sign a declaration promising to uphold Australian law and the Australian way of life.

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Opportunities For TSS 482 Visas

If you have a TSS 482 visa and are travelling with your family, you can do the following:

  • You may carry on working until the Subclass 482 Visa expires.
  • Without any financial aid from the government, you can study in Australia.
  • The globe is yours to explore as many times as you like.
  • If you meet the requirements for Visa Subclass 482, you may apply for a permanent visa while still inside the nation.

Processing Time For Visa Subclass 482

The 482 visa processing time varies in every circumstance. For the short-term visa, 75% of applications are processed in 36 days and 90% in 61 days if you provide all necessary documentation and follow all instructions. 

The medium-term stream moves faster than the short-term stream, with 75% of applications finished in 33 days and 90% in 49 days.


The subclass visa 482 is available when companies can’t recruit an experienced Australian worker and allows skilled workers to enter Australia.

Applicants seeking this visa must also meet the 482 visa requirements and have the necessary skills for the designated occupation. It could entail holding a suitable degree or having experience. Also, those applying for visas must have at least two years of full-time equivalent experience in their chosen career. Before submitting their visa applications, some applicants may need to get a formal skills evaluation. Also, candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in English through a test, their schooling, or both.

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