Few Important Facts About Partner Visas In Australia

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Few Important Facts About Partner Visas In Australia

When it comes to the application of a few of the visas in Australia, to say in a nutshell, both the partner as well as the prospective visas happen to be the costliest. And when you are about to apply for the same, no doubt you need to tread a fine line. Unlike the other kinds of visas, partner visas have procured a global popularity over the past few years. With that said, given below are a few a noteworthy facts about these two visas, which every other person out there must take into consideration before applying for the same. A few of them being the:

1. Fees Structure

As already told above that applying for the partner visas is indeed quite expensive, the applicant certainly needs to pay the following fees for that. To be a little more specific, both the types of visas were allotted a base fee of $7160 for each of them in 2018. Apart from that, if there are a couple of people who are accompanying the applicant, then each of them who are above 18 years has to pay a sum of $3585 as well $1795 for those who are below 18 years of age.

Besides, the candidate also has to pay a certain amount in the form of police check fees that comprises a sum of not more than $50. That apart, there is also a medical examination fee that the candidate needs to pay indispensably ranging from $220 to $280 depending upon the place you are living in and the kind of exams you are taking up. Aside from that, the Department of Home Affairs will need you to present a few essential documents that will again require you to pay an additional amount charging from you a nominal sum on the basis of per page.

2. A tedious application procedure

Although the Department of Home Affairs assures most of the applicants to get a super speedy visa made regardless of its type, but that is certainly not the case. It indeed takes some time depending on which type of visa you are actually applying for. The names of a few of those visas along with their individual time-frames have been given below:

a) Partner(Provisional) visa (subclass 309) (For overseas candidates)

  • 75% of the applications are implemented within a time period of 13 months
  • 90% of applications are being implemented with a time period of 17 months

b) Partner(Permanent) visa (subclass 100)

  • 75% of applications are implemented with a time period of 17 months
  • 90% of the applications are implemented within a time period of 25 months

c) Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass 820)( For native applicants)

  • 75% of the applications are implemented with a time period of 21 months.
  • 90% of applications are implemented within a time period of 26 months

d) Partner (Permanent) visa (subclass 801)

  • 75% of applications are implemented within a time period of 18 months
  • 90% of applications are implemented within a time period of 24 months

If the applicant is applying online, he/she needs to update the department about the impending life changes such as buying a home or that of pregnancy so as to prove that their relationship is genuine.

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3. Relationship length matters a lot

As a matter of fact, if the couple is into a long-term relationship, be it nuptial or de facto by having a few or no children, it helps in the entire visa procurement process much more quickly and efficiently as compared to the expected time period of 2 years.

4. The de facto relationship needs to have a reasonable length

If both the partners are into a de facto relationship, then the length should at least be of 1 year and not less than that. Also, things like joint monetary profiles, recognition of the relationship by others or for that a written account of your relationship are a few of the things that will certainly prove as substantial evidence of the de facto relationship.

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5. Otherwise, the de facto relationship is also applicable

This implies that if the partner is married to (but separated) to someone else then he/she certainly can apply for the concerned partner visa while being into a de facto relationship. Besides, if either of the partners is able to prove that the nuptial relationship he/she was into has entirely come to an end, then he/she can certainly apply for the partner visa without having to face much hassle.

When it comes to the documents submission part, any of the papers that prove the permanent separation between the two partners can certainly act as concrete proof to ensure a hassle-free application procedure. For further more inquiries and information, please visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs and get yourself acquainted with the aforesaid visa to a reasonable extent.

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