How To Obtain A Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa 494?

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How To Obtain A Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa 494?

The 494 visa is an Australian visa that is granted by the government of the country and it is a provisional employer-sponsored visa. It permits the business owners to address the labour shortage problem by sponsoring the skilled workers who are nominated by a work sponsor. The applicant who is applying for the visa needs to be below 45 years otherwise he or she will not be able to qualify for it. He or she needs to have a passport so that they can apply for the 494 visa. To obtain the visa, the applicant needs to first know the eligibility factors of the visa as well as it’s categories. The visa 494 allows the applicant to reside in the country for a maximum period of 5 years.

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa 494

Different categories about visa 494

There are three categories in visa subclass 494 that are labour agreement stream, employer-sponsored stream, and the subsequent stream. In labour agreement stream, the skilled labour needs to be nominated by their employer and the employer needs to have a labour agreement. This labour agreement is developed between the employers and the Australian government. The employer-sponsored visa is specifically to employ the skilled workers where the employers are not able to source a skilled worker from the country. The subsequent stream visa is for those people whose family member is a member of SESR that is skilled employer-sponsored regional visa.

Eligibility factors of 494 visas

To get 494 visas, you need to first clear the 494 Visa Conditions that are communicated below.

  • The applicant who is applying for the visa 494 needs to be below 45 years.
  • The applicant along with their family member needs to qualify the health and character requirements that are stated by the country.
  • They should also complete a positive skill assessment test while applying for the visa.
  • The applicant must not have any amount registered with his or her name under the Australian government. If any such amount is there then they need to clear the amount or make a provision for it.
  • The applicant must also achieve the preferred level of English language and should be working under a labour agreement under the labour agreement stream. 
  • You should not have the visa application process canceled or rejected in the past. If it is rejected then you need to check whether the conditions are affecting the eligibility factors or not.
  • The candidate needs to sign the Australian value statement which states that he or she will respect the law and order of the country for the time he or she is residing in the country.
  • While applying for the employer stream visa, you need to make sure that you are nominated by a sponsor.

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Maintaining a checklist for 494 visa occupation list

To get the 494 visa, it is important for you to provide all the necessary details that are required to sanction the visa. Dropping out single information will lead to the rejection of the application form. If you do not want to come across such situations then you can definitely maintain a checklist. Maintaining a checklist is easy and in this way, you will not miss out any information as well. The structure of checklist is stated below.

  • Providing the age certificate which proves that you are below 45 years.
  • The necessary certificates need to be presented as a proof which states that the applicant is nominated by an employer and also that you know the preferred level of English language.
  • There is no trace that the visa application form has been rejected in the past and no amount shall be registered with your name in the country.
  • Important details which prove that you will respect the Australian law and order, till the time you are residing in the country.

Processing time for visa 494

There is no specific way which will help you in knowing how much time is required to process visa 494. The processing time is dependent on a lot of factors such as whether the applicant has filled the application form correctly or not, the details that are required to validate the information has been submitted or not, etc. The visa authority also requires some time to access the details that you have submitted along with your application form. The processing of visa 494 will take longer time if the details are not submitted properly.

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Few things that an applicant needs to consider

The visa 494 is a visa that permits the applicant to reside in the country for 5 years and to pursue their studies. They can also work during this time. The important things that you need to keep in mind while applying for visa 494 are discussed below.

  • Difference between Subclass 494 and Subclass 187

Subclass 187 is a permanent visa whereas subclass 494 visa is a temporary visa. You are also eligible to apply for permanent residence while having visa 494.

  • Conditions for visa 494

There are a lot of conditions for visa 494 and the basic one amongst them is that the applicant needs to be nominated by an employer from Australia. The applicant needs to be less than 45 years. He or she must be able to qualify the various assessment tests and should also satisfy the requirements for the English language.

  • Staying period with visa 494

With subclass 494, the applicant is allowed to reside in the country for a period of 5 years.

  • Price of visa 494

The applicant needs to pay an amount of AUD 4045 to get the Australian visa 494.

  • Information about including the family members

The visa allows the applicant to add their family members’ names when they are traveling to the country.

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