Skilled Work Regional Visa 491 - Everything You Need To Know

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Skilled Work Regional Visa 491 – Everything You Need To Know

Are you dreaming to study or reside in Australia? If that is the case then the skilled work regional provisional visa subclass 491 can make your dream come true. With this visa, you can stay in Australia for not more than 5 years as a skilled worker. You can work, study as well as stay with your entire family through the means of this visa. Not only this, but you can also apply for a Permanent Residency after living for three years in Australia. So, why waiting for? Apply for the 491 visa today itself and fulfill your dream of residing in Australia. 

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain eligibility criteria that the applicant has to meet to apply for the 491 skilled visa successfully. If you are also planning to apply for the same, then please refer to the below-given information.

  1. Financial Criteria
    While applying for the Australian visa 491, the applicant needs to show certain documents. These documents are going to prove that he/she possesses sufficient financial assets. This will prove that you are able to financially support your family during the entire stay period of 5 years.

  2. Occupational Criteria
    You must be engaged in any sort of occupation that is enlisted on the Commonwealth’s skilled occupation list. If you can meet these criteria, then only you can apply for the 491 visa. The list actually shows that if there is a dearth of skilled workers in Australia, then it needs skilled workers. Candidates who are into any of the occupations eligible for the Commonwealth’s skilled occupation list can certainly apply.

  3. English Language Criteria
    If you want to apply for the subclass 491 visa, you must have a competent communication skill in the English Language. For that, you need to crack the English Language Testing System (ELTS) successfully. Each band score has to hold a minimum of six points. If you wish you can apply for another English language test as well. For that, you need to turn up at any of the Departments of Home Affairs. A few of these alternative English Language tests are PTE Academic and Cambridge English, iBT, TOEFL, OET, etc. Remember, you also need to upload a scanned copy of your English language test. This criterion comprises an indispensable part of the visa application process.

  4. Age Criteria
    If you want to apply for this particular visa, there are some necessary criteria that you need to meet. When it comes to the age factor you need to be 45 years old at the most.

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Processing Times

Well, it depends. The duration of the processing times may vary for a lot of factors. These might include the following like the methods while applying, submission of documents and meeting the eligibility criteria, etc. Besides, there are other circumstances which decide the duration of your visa processing times. A few of them being the: 

  • While applying whether you have submitted the adequate amount of documents or not
  • The time is taken to perform the necessary checks on the provided supporting information
  • The time is taken by you while meeting any of the other criteria related to your documents submission etc.
  • You can apply for the 491 Visa Australia by following the aforesaid criteria duly.

Point System for the Australian 491 visa

The Australian Government has come up with a revised 491 visa points system for its fellow applicants. Through this point system, you will get the following benefits 

  • Provision of 10 points once any of the following people applies. A partner who needs to be below 45 years of age. Moreover, he/she needs to preside over the same skilled assessment job like you. He/she must also be competent in English as you.
  • Provision of 15 points for being nominated by any regional area of a territory/state or by a family member
  • Provision of 10 points for holding a Ph.D. or Master’s level in any of the following areas (Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Technology).
  • Provision of 5 points if your partner can show sufficient proficiency in the English Language.

What is the cost of the 491 skilled visa?

While applying for the 491 regional visa, the following charges are applicable. The main applicant has to pay AUD 4,045 while doing the application. If your other family members are accompanying you then each of them will be chargeable. Other applicants who are less competent in English and below 18 years are eligible for an extra charge. This particular charge is popularly known as the second installment. The charge applicable for each of the other family members is AUD 4,890.

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A few worthwhile conditions for the 491 skilled visa

There are a few 491 visa conditions that are worth taking into consideration before applying for the 491 visa. A few of them can be considered as follows:

  • The applicant needs to attend the interview if he/she has been called for
  • The applicant needs to provide adequate evidence in relation to his/her work, study, etc.
  • The applicant has to stay in a designated regional area in Australia
  • The applicant needs to inform the visa department immediately if some changes occur in their passport or contact details.
  • The applicant should not be into any sort of marital or de facto relationship before turning up in Australia

Where to apply from?

When it comes to the 491 visa requirements, you need to know where you should apply from. While applying for the skilled visa 491 you can both inside and outside Australia as well. While applying for this particular visa, you also need to be the holder of any of the following visas:

  • Subclass 030 Bridging C Visa
  • Subclass 020 Bridging B Visa
  • 010 Bridging A visa

Do you need an Invitation to apply?

You need to get your nomination approved to apply for the visa subclass 491 effectively. Otherwise, it will be canceled if your nomination has not been approved by any of these components. If your nomination has not been approved by any state or regional area or any of your eligible family members.


Who is the visa subclass 491 for?

The 491 skilled regional provisional visa is particularly meant for those applicants who are holding a skill-based job. Applicants who are interested in Territory or State government regional nomination can apply for this visa. They can even apply for if any of their family members are residing in regional Australia. This family member must be willing to sponsor the applicant.

How is a 491 visa different from visa 489?

The 491 visa is actually going to replace the subclass 489 visa. The 491 visa offers a stay period of a minimum of 3 years before applying. On the contrary, the 489 visa used to offer a stay period of 2 years before applying.

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What is the application fee for visa 491?

The main applicant has to pay an amount of 4,045. Besides, if he/she is has a spouse then the application fee is 2,025 for his/her spouse.

What are the new conditions for a 491 visa?

According to the 491 skilled visa, the applicant has to stay in a designated regional area in Australia. The applicant should be married or into a de facto relationship in Australia. He/she has to report for the visa interview on time if he/she has been called for one etc.

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