Steps To Follow While Applying For Visitor Visa 600 Australia

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Steps To Follow While Applying For Visitor Visa 600 Australia

Visitor Visa 600 permits the applicant to visit Australia for three, six, or twelve months for the short term meant for traveling, medical treatments, or business activities. Just like tourist visas of different countries, this visa also allows its applicants to experience the beauty and culture of Australia for a limited duration. For the ones who want to stay further, the Australian Government provides an opportunity for a visitor visa 600 extension to its holders.

Visitor Visa

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As every person has a different motive behind visiting Australia, this visa has been further classified into five streams, such as:

  1. Tourist Stream – This visa stream grants applicants to visit Australia as a tourist, meeting family, and friends, or any other purpose apart from business or medical.
  2. Business Visitor Stream – This visa stream grants applicants to visit Australia for business reasons. 
  3. Sponsored Family Stream – This stream lets applicants visit Australia who is primarily sponsored by a family member settled in Australia.
  4. Approved Destination – This stream is for the People’s Republic of China residents who wants to travel to Australia as a part of a tour managed by an authorized travel agent.
  5. Frequent Traveller – This stream is for the People’s Republic of China residents who wants to travel to Australia for business or personal reasons. 

Eligibility Criteria For Visitor Visa 600

  1. Health Requirement: Australia is known for setting high standards of offering one of the best health standards in the world. Applicants need to hit the health criteria standards that are a part of their application process. The health criteria are for protecting the local Australian community from any public health and risk coming from International travelers.
  2. Character Requirement: To maintain the standards of security, the Australian Government likes to assure that all international travelers coming to its nation must have good character. An applicant does not need to have a criminal record or convicted of offense during immigration detention. He/she must not be a part of any smuggling, people trafficking, or any other serious crime group or organization.
  3. Have enough Amount of Money: Applicants are requested to provide the fund details that are essential for covering their entire stay. They should always carry extra amounts with themselves. 
  4. Only intention to Visit Australia: The applicant needs to give assurance that their sole purpose to visit Australia is traveling and returning to their home country before the subclass 600 visa expires.

Subclass 600 Visa Processing Time

Visitor Visa 600 has a rapid processing time as 75% of applications get processed within four months. 90% of applications get processed within nine months.

Essential Documents For Visitor Visa 600

Visitor visa 600 allows the applicant to enter and stay in Australia for a short term. To obtain this visa, applicants must attach the below-mentioned Visitor visa subclass 600 checklist to support their application and get their visa approved by the immigration department. All the documents must be genuine and provide true and accurate information about the applicant.

• Current passport pages showcasing photo, personal details, its issue and expiry dates. 
• Recently clicked passport-size photo with the name of the applicant written on the backside.
• Proof of name change, if applicable.
• XEROX of Birth certificate 
• Evidence supporting satisfactory funds for stay in Australia
•  Bank Statements
• Pay Slips 
•  Audited Accounts
•  Evidence supporting the intention to return to the home country. 
•  Employer letter showcasing return to the job.
• Evidence of Ownership of Assets in Home Country.
•  Proof of enrolment at school
• Return Flight Ticket

Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Conditions

Applicants must have a clear idea about their respective visa expiry, and conditions associated with their visa. Having complete awareness about the expiry date and its conditions provides an applicant with the understanding of planning the next visa.

The below-mentioned conditions might be associated with Visitor Visa Australia

8101 – Cannot work in Australia as per his/employment skills
8201 – Not allowed to study for more than three months in Any Australian Study Institute
8501 – Applicant have to maintain necessary health insurance till their stay in Australia
8503 – Cannot apply for another visa while he/she is in Australia
8531 – Cannot stay more than the pre-decided period permitted by the visa.

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However, in case of serious circumstances, the conditions can be waived off if:

•  Not comfortable in travelling due to genuine medical reasons
• Unsudden Death or health issue in family
• Any Natural calamity in the home country
• Serious unrest or war conditions in the home country

Impact of Covid-19 On Visitor Visa

The Covid -19 pandemic has drastically affected the visitor visa figures as the Australian Government is granting visa to only those countries which are exempted from the travel ban. Travellers currently on visitor visa can either extend their visa or return back to their home country. If the visa has No Further Stay’ condition (8503, 8534 and 8535), and the applicant seeks to extend it, a request for waiving off must be made before waiving off the condition.

Visitor Visa 600 Extension

If your visitor visa 600 is about to expire and you seek for taking your next step to extend your visa, you should apply for your Visitor visa extension atleast 3-4 weeks before your current visa gets expired so that you can legtimately stay in Australia without breaking any Immigration law.

Steps To Apply For Visitor Visa 600 Extension

There might be many reasons which can let you stay further in Australia and extend your visa, you might be:

•  Looking forward to exploring Australia more 
•  Would like to extend your stay with your family
• Stuck due to CoronaVirus Pandemic

Whatever reason you might be having, you need to apply for Visitor visa 600 or any other substantive visa, which allows you to stay further in Australia legitimately. Applicants need to assure that they apply for another visa before the expiry of their current one. Below are the steps which can help in applying for a visitor visa extension.

• Clarifying the total duration of staying in Australia
•  Analysing visa expiry dates and conditions 
• Inspecting different visa options 
• Applying for a new Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Extending Visitor Visa 600

• Applicant must be holding a valid passport from an eligible country.
• He/she must be in good health condition while applying for a visitor visa.
• The current visa should not be expired.
• The total duration of stay must be less than 12 months in the last 18 months.

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Documents Essential For Subclass Visitor Visa 600

• Applicant’s passport must be valid for at least three months
• Filled Application Form with all supportive documents attached.
• Evidence of sufficient amount of funds to continue staying.

How Can ISA Migrations Help Applicants In Visitor Visa Extension?

With ISA Migrations, you are provided with complete guidance regarding your visitor visa extension. Our Registered Migration Agent Perth can compile all the necessary documents and checking all aspects before final submission to the department. If you have no idea about the extension process, speaking to our Immigration Agent Perth will guide you about the information regarding extending time in Australia. Applicants who want to opt for waiving the visa conditions can also get in touch with us for getting a genuine and legitimate solution.

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