Avoid The Rejection Reasons For Your Student Visa 500 To Get It Very Sleekly 

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Avoid The Rejection Reasons For Your Student Visa 500 To Get It Very Sleekly 

In the last few decades or so, Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for international students because of its dynamic education system. So, if you plan to study here to get a unique experience. Then the only thing you will need is an Australia student visa. But, be very careful about the entire application procedure.

You know very well that the process is utterly complex and lengthy. Though unlikely, student visas get rejected due to various reasons. Here we are giving a detailed account of why such rejections take place.

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Student Visa

Student visa subclass 500 allows a student to live and study full time in Australia at an Australian institute for 5 years. This visa will further enable you to check the eligible course and include your family members in the application. Family members may consist of your partner or any dependent child. Student visa 500 processing time is generally long, where 75% of the applicants get the visa within 37 days while 90% of them get that in 68 days.

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Most of the time, whenever a student visa gets rejected, the applicants usually start questioning their visa agents. But a visa agent cannot tell you the exact reasons for rejection. You can get this essential information from the visa officers only. Whenever you write a visa SOP (statement of purpose) or a visa letter, you should give special attention to a few things to avoid any chance of rejection. In a word, failure to meet Student Visa Subclass 500 conditions will lead to rejection. So, most important is to remain highly truthful and loyal to all the information you include in the application.

Reasons Why Student Visa 500 Are Rejected 

You should not like your visa to get rejected, shouldn’t you? But how can you avoid it? Well, for that, you should first know the common Australian student visa refusal reasons. Visa Subclass 500 can get rejected due to the following reasons:

Failure To Meet The Exact Qualification Requirements:

The foremost requirement to get a student visa is to qualify as a student. You must meet all the academic qualification requirements. You must complete the academic level that is needed to get a visa. The educational requirements vary from one institution to the other. They will depend on different factors, such as the course, study level, and the university itself. So, please check the course information available on their official website.

Here we can suggest to you one way to get qualified for your desired course and/or university. If you find that you don’t have the required qualifications, you can think of attending a bridging or foundation course. These bridging courses are of one-year duration, and that can be enough for you to get equipped with the necessary skills to qualify. General academic requirements include:

  1. English language requirement: You should achieve a high English score.
  2. Undergraduate: You should have a degree from an institute in your home country which should be equivalent to an Australian Senior Certificate of Education. There are also some specific subject requirements for some undergraduate courses.
  3. Postgraduate: You should make sure that you have earned an undergraduate degree certificate. Your research ability and work experience may also be taken into consideration. So, having them can be an added advantage.

After you meet all the qualifications, you will get a CoE or confirmation of enrolment from your Australian university. You have to submit that when you apply.

If You Can’t Meet The Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirements:

This is a crucial point that you should give attention to. You’re planning to study in Australia because of your passion, right? Then, you must clearly state that in your visa application. Australian authority will give priority to those who have very crystal clear study plans. It should also note that you are only going to study here, not for any other purposes. Genuine temporary entrant (GTE) is also based on personal circumstances, which include:

  1. Home country circumstances: These circumstances come into play when a similar course is available in the home country. You have to state genuine reasons for not studying in your home country, your economic circumstances, and whether any political or civil unrest prevails in your country.
  2. Potential circumstances in Australia: Here, you have to include your background knowledge about the course, previous qualifications, financial ability to bear expenses, and planned stay.
  3. Future potentials: You must state how this course will be of great value in your future. You may have to mention the potential income you can get in your home country.
  4. Migration history: Did you ever come to Australia? Then, you must have to include that too.

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Failure To Meet The English Language Requirements

As you know, English is the working and official language of Australia. All the people here speak English. Naturally, you have to be fluent in this language. You have to prove your proficiency in the English language, which will include the result of any internationally recognized English languages tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge. Well, this requirement will apply if you come from a non-English speaking country. Before you use it, you should see the English conditions for a visa and the specific ones for your desired university. If you do not get the specified minimum score, then your visa will get refused.

Due To Insufficient Funds 

Well, money matters. And Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) can refuse your visa if you cannot show any proof of sufficient account balance. So, if you want to study here, you must show that you have at least an amount of AUD 20000 to cover all the expenses during your stay in Australia. If you get support from anyone else in Australia or a loan or a deposit, you also have to produce evidence supporting your statement.

If You Can’t Meet The Health and Character Requirements

The Australian government is very strict about public health. So, before you apply for a student visa, you must go through different health examinations and test results you have to submit at the time of application. You should also make sure that you do not have any serious medical issues that may threaten public health. 
Besides health requirements, also show necessary character requirements. You have to submit any issued certificate which states that you have maintained moral character. You will also require certificate clearances from police departments.

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Unsatisfied Reason Behind Going To Australia

If there is misinformation or a lack of information on the submitted documents, the department will send you notifications. If you fail to meet their requirements, then it is likely that you may face visa refusal. If you have any past misdeed records or fail to show a genuine reason, or there is misleading information on your application, your visa will get refused.

Why Australia is the best country for education among others?

The primary reason international students choose Australia for the study is its particular focus on scientific research. Australia values scientific research and thus can give you enough opportunities to pursue your research career. You can get the advantage of using the most advanced technology and development. 

Avoid these visa rejection factors with Registered Migration Agent

First, go through all the 500 visa eligibility and Student Visa Subclass 500 conditions to avoid unexpected situations. You can consult a proficient Visa Consultant Perth at ISA Migrations for further information.

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