What Should International Students Know before Returning to Australia in 2022?

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What Should International Students Know before Returning to Australia in 2022?

There have been several announcements from different Australian states and territories in the past weeks. The Australian government has started to approve new student return pilots/Student visa. Now you can see different timelines and arrival protocols in place for incoming students in the next months.

But the time of international students’ return and their quarantine requirements will vary from state to state. The requirements might be different depending on the country from which the student is coming.

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Short On Time? Here are some of the Highlights:

  • Many states and territories in Australia have announced different student return pilots and bigger plans to welcome overseas students.
  • The quarantine and testing requirements of students could be different in every state, so the expected timing of student arrival will be.

Currently, TGA Approved Covid-19 Vaccines Are:

The Australian government has widened its list of approved COVID-19 vaccines in the last few months. Since the last months of 2021, the vaccines that Australia’s TGA approves are:

  • Spikevax (Moderna)
  • Comirnaty (Pfizer)
  • Covishield (AstraZeneca)
  • Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)
  • Coronavac (Sinovac)
  • Janssen-Cilag (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Covaxin (Bharat Biotech)
  • BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm) (for 18-60 years old)

To be considered fully vaccinated, those coming to Australia need to have at least two full vaccine doses, with each of them being two weeks apart. You could also have a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. You need to complete your vaccination course a week before you arrive in Australia.
Australia has been lagging in vaccination rates, but now it seems to be increasing rapidly. Since the mid of November 2021, about 70% of Australians who have student visas in Australia have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Queensland released its student arrivals plan. This plan states that due to the ease of border restrictions from 15 December 2021, overseas students and other eligible visa holders could make travel arrangements to Australia without needing a travel exemption. The travel could happen directly to Queensland or from another Australian state.

You have to ensure that you will follow the state or territory requirements after you arrive or other states/territories that you have planned to go to. This will include quarantine and testing requirements after arrival. You have to be aware of restrictions that could be imposed or changed shortly.

There will also be a requirement for international travelers to be quarantined before 90% of Queensland’s population has been vaccinated, as Queensland’s COVID-19 plans to unite families. To enter the state of Queensland, you have to meet the following criteria-

  • Complete both the Australian travel declaration and registration for Queensland international arrivals
  • To be fully vaccinated under a TGA approved or recognized vaccination
  • Provide proof of your vaccination status
  • Show a negative COVID-19 test taken three days before arrival to Queensland.

When about 90% of Queensland’s population above 16 will be vaccinated, you will not be imposed with a restriction when you arrive in Queensland. You might not even require quarantine if you are fully vaccinated with a TGA-approved and recognized vaccination. You also have to ensure your Australian student visa is legitimate upon arriving in Queensland.

New South Wales

New South Wales supports the return of international students in their place along with their roadmap to recovery and national transition plan as a response to COVID-19 in Australia. According to a New South Wales study, from 15 December 2021, international students and temporary graduate visa 485 holders can return to Australia without applying for a travel exemption.

If you are a returning international student to NSW, you will need to:

  1. Have already received a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine that is approved or recognised by TGA in Australia
  2. Provide evidence of vaccination status
  3. Show a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken three days before your arrival to NSW.

After arriving in New South Wales, students need to be in self-isolation for three days before getting a negative test result from the COVID-19 PCR test taken a day before their arrival.
Since 21 December, all fully vaccinated overseas students arriving in NSW will need to undergo a PCR test within a day after arrival. As a student, you need to isolate yourself till you get a negative test result. If a negative result comes, you do not have to isolate yourself for the next three days.

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In Victoria, international students who are fully vaccinated can hold a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 and can travel to Australia from 15 December 2021 without a travel exemption. If you want to travel to Australia, you must possess an eligible visa and undergo a COVD-19 test before departure.

You also need to be properly vaccinated with a vaccine approved and recognised by the TGA of Australia. You could refer to the Australian Department of Home Affairs for more information regarding approved vaccines. Students who are fully vaccinated and are eligible visa holders need to undergo a PCR test a day before their arrival and between days 5 to 7 after entering the state of Victoria.

Western Australia

As per research, the government of Western Australia has announced that the borders of the state will be open to every fully vaccinated domestic and international traveler without the need for quarantine. The announcement was made on 5 February 2022.

It is expected that 90% of Western Australians who are above 12 years old will be fully vaccinated within this date. The federal government has said that they are going to introduce more support to the international education sector and overseas students upon their arrival to Australia.

Some of these steps include changes in visa settings and post-work freedom, extensions of student visas, and the availability of more than $37 million for supporting the international education providers affected by COVID-19.

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The ACT announced that it would welcome back international primary students who have been fully vaccinated with a TGA recognized COVID-19 vaccine to start the 2022 academic year. As a student, you have to follow any Australian government vaccination and testing requirements for overseas travelers.

ACT does not need students to quarantine themselves if they are fully vaccinated. The higher education institutes will also contribute to Canberra’s good social and economic contribution. The ACT government will continue working with universities and CIT while preparing for the return of international students.

South Australia

As per a study in Adelaide, from 15 December 2021, fully vaccinated international students, temporary graduate visa holders, and other visa holders can return to the state without a travel exemption. Every traveler traveling to South Australia from outside of Australia needs to complete an entry check application.

You could complete this form 2 weeks before your arrival, and it is recommended that you complete your application three days before arriving.

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