Working Holiday Visa 417: Things To Know Before Moving To Australia

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Working Holiday Visa 417: Things To Know Before Moving To Australia

It is a temporary visa that allows a person to work in Australia while travelling for one year. The purpose of issuance of this type of visa is to promote diversity and intercultural understanding under a scheme of cultural exchange between Australia and specific countries. 

Visa 417 is unique because it permits a person to have a superb experience of travelling the country and earning money at the same point. For this purpose, a person should undertake an impermanent employment form. Extension or renewal of this type of visa is not permissible.

Working holiday visa subclass 417 allows a person to –

  • Study for up to 4 months 
  • Stay in the country for 12 months
  • Work for six months maximum
  • Come and go as many times as he wants.

There are two categories of working holiday visas which are 417 visas and 462 visas. In visa subclass 417, the farming and agricultural industries of Australia are in high demand. A person who works in this industry for a minimum of three months can renew his visa for the next preceding year.

Eligibility Criteria

A person can apply for a working holiday visa 417 if – 

  • His age is  from18 years to 30 years.
  • He has a passport from an eligible country.
  • He does not have a dependent child while staying in Australia.
  • He has sufficient funds to support himself.
  • He is of good character and health.
  • His passport does not waive validity when you are in Australia.

The age limit for Canadian, French, and Irish citizens is 18 to 35 years instead of 18 to 30 years. If the person holding the first working holiday visa works in Australia for a minimum of three months, he will be eligible for the second working holiday visa. If his months of working cross the limit of six months, he will be eligible for the third working holiday visa.

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Working Area

Generally, a 417 visa holder can work for a minimum of three months and six months in “specific work” in particular areas. The area of work in regional Australia are as follows-

  • Plant and animal cultivation: Harvesting and packing of the fruits and vegetable crops, pruning or trimming vines and trees, etc.
  • Tree farming and felling: Planting and tending trees are intended to be fell, felling trees in a plantation or forest, or transporting trees that fell.
  • Construction: The construction of Residential or non-residential buildings, land developments and other ancillary services.
  • Mining: coal, construction material, non-metallic minerals, or metal ore Mining and oil/gas extraction.
  • Fishing and pearling: Directly taking or catching fishes and other aquatic species, directly taking or culturing pearls.

Documents Required 

When a person is applying for a Working Holiday visa subclass 417, he must require the following documents-

  • A photocopy of the passport that shows the issue and expiry date.
  • Birth certificate/ Family records showing full names and DOB / Official document proving legal identity.
  • Proof of funds 
  • the evidence of the name change. (if applicable)
  • Australia’s value statements are duly signed.

All the papers they have submitted for application will be clear and duly assigned if necessary. 

Process Of Applying For Visa Subclass 417

The procedure for applying for visa subclass 417 is online. A person does not have to visit the Australian embassy. When one can not apply online, he can file a paper application form.

The process is as follows –

1. Creating an ImmiAccount

ImmiAccount saves your login details and generates an application for the account holder by selecting the options in the account. The applicant can edit his details at any time.

2. New application

When a person login into his account, he sees an option of selecting a new application. After selecting a new application, he must choose the visa category to which he is willing to apply.

3. Information required 

After selecting the visa type, he has to fill out all the required personal information and fill in other details of the application form. 

4. Upload documents

After filling in all the personal information, upload the documents required in electronic format.

5. Submit the application

When all the details have been filled in the document and uploaded, click “apply now” to apply. Before submission, recheck all the details and see whether there are any mistakes.

6. Waiting for processing time

The applicant has to wait till the processing of filling in details and submitting is done. 417 visa processing time is approximately 90 days, which varies in every situation. If it takes longer than 90 days, the applicant must ensure that there is no mistake in the application.

7. Receive the visa 

The Australian embassy informs about the medical exam. As soon as the applicant receives the confirmation that the visa has been processed. The Australian embassy also asks if there are any outstanding documents /information. 

Moreover, if a person requires a second working holiday visa 417, the processing is similar to the above but an additional requirement is there, that the applicant must have worked in Australia for at least three months.

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A working holiday visa 417 permits a person to travel to Australia and earn income by way of some specific work. The Australian embassy grants the first 417 Visa to the applicant when he is qualified for the second working holiday visa subclass 417 if he works in Australia for at least three months. If he works there for more than six months, he is eligible for the Third visa subclass 417

A person will be eligible for Visa 417 if he is 18 years to 30 years and is not carrying a dependent child with him. If a person gets confused in legal proceedings, he can approach migration agents to clear his doubts.

ISA migration has a highly experienced team of registered migration agents in Adelaide that will help with various kinds of Visas in Australia. So if a candidate is willing to apply for a working holiday visa 417, he can contact the best migration agent in Adelaide. Our team will explain all the legal proceedings for application and afterwards procedures. 

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