Cost of Living in Hungary

The cost of living in Hungary is similar to other European nations. The cost of accommodation in Hungary depends on the size, location and the condition of the residence.

  • The cost of food in Hungary is quite reasonable.
  • There are several restaurants in Hungary that are ideally suited to many budgets. The amount spent on eating out depends on the student's choice of the restaurant.
  • It is quite possible to eat on a small budget.
  • Hungary has a nicely developed transportation system which is affordable and comfortable.
  • The healthcare quality is in par with the other countries in Western Europe.
  • Private healthcare is quite reasonable in comparison to other western nations.
  • A budget apartment in Hungary will cost you 40 to 60 Euros.
  • The hostel rooms are suitable for the students as they cost around 12 Euros in dormitory and 20 to 23 Euros for a single room. It may cost 15 Euros for a double room.

The cost of living in Hungary is reasonable in comparison with the western European nations. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Hungary for international students.

Study in Hungary

Hungary is a famous study abroad destination in the world. The education in Hungary has got great significance. Hungary provides a nice culture besides providing high quality education.

  • Hungary is highly popular for studies in the sciences like in fields of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.
  • There are programs with highly competitive admission in several nations.
  • The high quality medical degrees in Hungary are widely accepted by the WHO that is the World Health Organization.
  • Hungarian schools provide medical degrees in English and other foreign languages like German so as to attract the foreign students.
  • Students will immensely benefit from the small and individual classes and get personal attention and guidance all through their studies.
  • The organizations give the students with some additional chances to learn the classroom from outside.
  • Hungary provides a highly reasonable cost for studying tuition and also living cost.

The tuition fees differ to a great extent on the study program and institution. The fees for registration ranges from forty Euros to 800 Euros and that depends on the course. The registration fees differs within the same institution depending on the course enrolled for. You may contact us to know more about the how to study in Hungary. To study in Hungary is great step to take and that too at an affordable cost.

Education system in Hungary

  • The education system in Hungary is operated by the education Ministry.
  • Many of the Hungarian universities are public institutions.
  • The Hungarian public higher education has got universities and other higher education institutes.
  • The English and German language are essential in the Hungarian higher education.
  • There are several degree programs taught in these languages and that attracts several exchange students each year.
  • The Hungarian higher education and training has been ranked 44th out of the 148 nations in the world.
  • There are sixty seven higher education institutes in Hungary and those range from small colleges to the top research universities.
  • The universities and colleges are maintained by the state or the private organizations.
  • There are two year long vocational higher education programmes also available on an option.
  • The bachelor or master's degree may be followed by the higher education courses.
  • Many courses may be studied full time or part time.

There are many reputed universities in Hungary. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Hungary.

Work and study in Hungary

  • There are student placements for students in Hungary in temporary work, school or research environment to get precious experience for the long duration.
  • There are many student organizations that place the students in Hungary.
  • The organization for the students, universities and other structures may organize the placements for the students.
  • They need to settle the agreements with the host companies and plan the internship program.
  • The paid job during internship is possible and the students may search online for the information.
  • The minimum salary in Hungary is 260 Euros per month.
  • Some specializations need the students to have a practical work experience.
  • There are some universities in Hungary that have career and job fairs.

There are numerous opportunities to work and study in Hungary for international students and you may contact us to know more about the prospects of work and study in Hungary.

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