Work and Study in Hungary

To work and study in Hungary is very relaxing and open as compared to working in North America. Many of the offices in Hungary have got an open layout and the employees share the tables. The dress code is much relaxed.

  • Any student who is more than the age of sixteen can work as a student worker with the same least wage and assured minimum wage rules.
  • The duration of the casual work is mentioned in the law and is upon the calendar year or month or day.
  • The sum of the work days should not be more than ninety days within one year and fifteen days within one month.
  • One may find a job in Hungary by using the personal contacts.
  • You can consider an apprenticeship or a period of study in Hungary prior to looking for the job.
  • The employers in Hungary take into consideration a nice academic background and computer skills as important aspects in a job.
  • An interview is the most pivotal aspect in the selection process.
  • English is needed for the managerial positions.
  • Many of the interviews with international candidates take place in English.
  • Most of the companies in Hungary and multinational companies conduct psychological tests and there are also some evaluation centers.

The multinational companies make use of the selection processes for their recruitment activities all over the world. You may contact us to know about the work and study in Hungary prospects. If you want to work and study in Hungary there are many prospects in Hungary for the students.

Study in Hungary

  • You need to opt for the degree program options that you are interested in.
  • Hungary has several varied types of universities. They provide an awesome quality.
  • To be an eligible applicant, you need to meet some criteria.
  • The individual degree programmes have got their own set of requirements.
  • You have to check the entry requirements with the institution or programme that you are applying to.
  • In case you are applying to a foreign language course, you have to exhibit that you have the required level of the foreign language.
  • Hungary is the best European nation for continuing higher studies and it is not that costly.
  • Hungary is the finest nation to provide a higher education degree.
  • The Hungarian universities are providing courses that are taught in different languages.
  • The education standard and rankings are growing every day.
  • You can have a European education at an affordable cost.

Hungary is a famous study abroad destination and you may opt to study in Hungary in order to make a career. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Hungary.

Education system in Hungary

  • Higher education is facilitated by many universities and colleges.
  • Education at the colleges takes about four years and at the universities may take up to six years.
  • The students have to pass an intermediate exam in a foreign language of their liking prior to their graduation.
  • English and German can be a great choice and Spanish also.
  • Hungary has got a great history of higher education.
  • The higher education network is very extensive in Hungary.
  • There is a crystal clear distinction between the state and non-state institutions in Hungary.
  • The non-state institutions are founded by business organizations, churches etc.
  • The universities are higher education institutions authorized to facilitate the Master programmes in the two fields of study and other doctoral programmes.
  • Nearly half of their teaching staff is employed directly or on public service employment basis.
  • A university has got three faculties and runs the student's academic circles.
  • They provide courses in the foreign languages in some of its programmes.
  • Colleges may run as a faculty of another higher education institution.
  • Colleges are authorized to provide the Bachelors programs and Masters programmes.
  • The state universities are big organizations with many faculties and colleges are small institutions.
  • The foreign education institutions run in Hungary.

The foreign education institutions provide various study programmes that result in a degree. You may contact us to know more about the higher education system in Hungary.

Cost of living in Hungary

  • There are so many nice restaurants in Hungary that are suitable for a wide range of budgets.
  • The amount spent on eating out depends on the choice of the restaurant that a student opts for.
  • The transportation system in Hungary is reasonable and highly convenient.
  • The healthcare quality is in par with most of the nations in Western Europe.
  • Private healthcare is cheap and is of high standards.
  • The cost of accommodation in Hungary relies on the size, location and condition of the residence.
  • The housing is cheap in Hungary.

The cost of living in Hungary is affordable when it comes to utilities, accommodation and milk. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living for international students in Hungary.

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