Cost of Living in Latvia

The cost of living in Latvia is quite reasonable and it is suitable for the students. The dormitories or student hostel costs between 70 to 120 Euros.

  • The meals cost 5 to 9 Euros per meal.
  • The transportation costs are affordable too as the taxi would cost 7 to 15 Euros.
  • The average living costs in Latvia are lower in comparison to other cities.
  • The public transport monthly will cost around $53.
  • A movie ticket would cost around $7.
  • A meal would cost you $6.70.
  • Latvia is an international destination for the international students.
  • Milk in Latvia is at the cost of .80 Euros per liter.
  • The potatoes in Latvia are around .5 Euros per kilogram.

The cost of living in Latvia are reasonable and the students find it suitable to live in Latvia at this expenditure. The cost of living in Latvia for international students is affordable and suits the students from the foreign countries.

Work and study in Latvia

  • Work in the service sector needs some knowledge of the Russian language.
  • Latvia provides equal opportunity for employment in Latvia.
  • The foreign citizens who sign an employment contract with a Latvian company are needed to apply for a work permit prior to entering the country.
  • The foreign employees are needed to apply for a Latvian residence permit also.
  • The foreign citizens are required to apply for a Latvian employment permit. These include skilled specialists, scientists, teachers and professors.
  • The foreign employees can get an employment contract from a firm registered with the Latvian companies registration office.
  • Employment permits are associated to the residence permits in Latvia.
  • Those who work in Latvia usually work for five days a week.
  • The workforce in Latvia is rated in the top five in the world with respect to the university students per capital income and great skills.
  • A foreigner can get visa or the temporary residence permit and work permit in Latvia.

There are many equal opportunities to work and study in Latvia. You may contact us to know more about the work and study in Latvia prospects.

Study in Latvia

  • One aspect that draws the students to study in Latvia is that the tuition fees and the cost of living are low.
  • Great quality engineering graduates and IT graduates are produced by Latvian universities.
  • The students will have fun living in the European country with an affordable cost.
  • Riga, the capital of Latvia is very nice and attractive.
  • There are some famous degree courses in Latvia.
  • You can get a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree and a lot of other choices are there for you in Latvia.
  • You can also get doctorate degrees in Latvia.
  • Some of the courses you can opt for in Latvia are arts and humanities, English language, visual arts, western American literature and fundamentals of philosophy.

Latvia has to immense opportunities for students to study in Latvia. The courses are designed keeping in mind the career of the students. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Latvia.

Education system in Latvia

  • There is academic and professional higher education system in Latvia.
  • Several of the institutions in Latvia provide academic and professional higher education qualification.
  • The academic higher education programmes prepare the graduates for independent research.
  • Academic education programmes are used to the national standard of academic education.
  • The professional higher education programmes provide an intensive knowledge in a specific field.
  • It makes the graduates prepared for design or improvement of systems, technologies and products.
  • The total duration of vocational or professional study programmes is for four years after completion of secondary education.
  • The duration of the bachelor's programmes can be from three to four years. The total duration of the fulltime Bachelor and Master studies is five years.
  • The doctoral studies can be from three to four full time years.

The education system in Latvia is nice and professional and is made keeping in mind the interests of the international students. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Latvia.

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