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Latvia is a nation on the Baltic sea between Estonia and Lithuania. Its landscape has got wide beaches and beautiful dense forests. The capital of Latvia is Riga.

  • To study in Latvia is a great thing as Latvia provides high quality education for the international students. Latvia provides great quality education that is at international standards in English language.
  • Latvia has got internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Latvia has inline education with the American credit system.
  • Latvia has got qualified faculty members with international standards.
  • It has got on-campus education with many facilities.
  • Latvia has got affordable tuition fees and economical living costs.
  • Latvia has got great facilities for social, cultural and sports activities.
  • Medical insurance is provided by the Latvian government.
  • The students may work for twenty hours per week.
  • Accommodation is provided on campus and all around the city.
  • The paid internships are assured in Latvia.
  • The universities in Latvia are renowned for generating high quality IT and engineering graduates. A degree from Latvia is equivalent to other European Union nations.
  • It makes it simpler to get the credentials recognized.
  • You can get the advantages of living in a European nation that has lower expenses in comparison to several European Union countries.

One may study in Latvia as it is a cosmopolitan city and is less costly in comparison to other nations. You may contact us to know more about the study in Latvia centre.

Education system in Latvia

  • The education system in Latvia has got upper secondary, pre-school and higher education.
  • In Latvia, the admission process is not centralized and every higher education institution has got its own admission board and criteria.
  • The tertiary education programmes in Latvia are facilitated by the university type institutions and also non-university type institutions.
  • The higher education makes some differentiation between university type and non-university type institutions.
  • The non-university type institutions have got professional programmes. The universities provide academic and professional programmes.
  • The higher education programmes are for three or four years for the Bachelor's degree.
  • The higher education is divided into first and second level professional higher education.
  • The first level professional higher education programmes are usually short cycle programmes and are for preparing the experts for the labour market. The higher education system in Latvia is the best in the whole world and is considered to be the best for the foreign students.

The second level higher education programmes lead to the Bachelor's degree. These programmes have first level studies for four years. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Latvia.

Cost of living in Latvia

  • The cost of living in Latvia is lower in comparison to the European states.
  • The average monthly living costs in Latvia are affordable and that depends on the accommodation type.
  • The amount has to cover food, accommodation, utilities, transportation and other costs.
  • Food is affordable in Latvia and the meals cost between five to nine Euros.
  • The public transport in Latvia is quite affordable.
  • The personal and leisure needs of the students are affordable too in Latvia.
  • The average monthly living costs in Latvia are quite affordable and these depend on the type of accommodation.

The cost of living in Latvia for students is reasonable. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Latvia.

Work and study in Latvia

  • There has been a fast increase in the number of jobs in Latvia.
  • A nice command of the Latvian language is needed but employees look for awareness of foreign languages that include Russian and English.
  • There is a great demand of the highly skilled professionals in Latvia in commercial and manufacturing services.
  • The students who want to work and study in Latvia can find jobs in state administration, manufacturing, commerce, transportation and health and social care.
  • Certain professions are in great demand like pharmacology, engineering and construction specialists.
  • There are main industries like wood products, textiles, processed foods, processed metals and electronics.
  • To work and study in Latvia is highly challenging and exciting and one will enjoy working in Latvia in most of the professions.
  • The normal working day cannot be more than eight hours and a usual working week is usually forty hours. There is permission for overtime if agreed by both the employee and the employer.
  • The employees can get at least of four weeks of paid leave and all the public holidays in a year.
  • The income from paid work has got social insurance contributions at a rate of 10.5 percent by the employee.
  • The private income tax is at a rate of 24 percent.

You have to ensure that your cover letter tells you why you are applying for the role and why you wish to work for that firm in Latvia. If you want to work while study in Latvia there are some good course related placement services and other opportunities in Latvia. You may contact us to know more about the work and study procedures in Latvia.

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