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Education system in Cyprus
Education system in Cyprus

The education system in Cyprus is easy and flexible and designed keeping in mind the interests of the students. The students will really benefit from this type of education system as it will prepare them to make a career in Cyprus or in other European nations.

  • The major education program prepares the experts for a Bachelor's degree that has the stipulated courses like natural science, mathematics, humanities and special professional disciplines.
  • The Master's qualification is provided to the individuals who have the Specialist Diploma degree or the Bachelor's degree on the result of a one-year professional education program.
  • Graduates who finish the Master's program are prepared and have got ample skills, awareness and competence for scientific research and management.
  • A PhD student is an individual who holds a higher education qualification that is a Master's or Diploma Specialist's degree and the one who has a Doctoral research to enhance his or her knowledge.
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