Education System in Slovenia

The degree study programmes have been divided into 3 categories - the first cycle is the academic study programmes, the second cycle has the study programmes and the third cycle has the Doctorate program.

  • The higher education system in Slovenia has got faculties, art academics and professional colleges.
  • The higher education has some binary structure.
  • Slovenia has got four universities with thirty-seven faculties and three art academies or professional colleges.
  • Slovenia has got ten higher education institutions that have been established as private institutions.
  • The higher education institutions are autonomous and they manage their operations.
  • The higher education institutions do the research and provide the artistic activities.
  • There are some vocational programmes offered in Slovenia.
  • The vocational and technical programmes blend both the practical training in the company and also the practical company given by the schools.
  • The objectives of the vocational technical programmes are similar to those of technical education programmes.
  • Technical education system has been designed to do the preparation for professional and vocational colleges.

The higher education institutes are faculties, universities, art academics and professional colleges. You may contact us anytime to enquire about the education system in Slovenia.

Cost of living in Slovenia

  • The fee for utilities in Slovenia is reasonable.
  • The cost of an internet connection 29 Euros per month.
  • The prices for gasoline in Slovenia range from 1.47 Euros to 1.55 Euros for one liter.
  • Bottled water costs around .62 Euros.
  • The cost of living in Slovenia for international students is low.
  • Cost of meals in the universities facilities is around 3 to 5 Euros per meal.
  • The urban public transport card in Slovenia is around 20 Euros per month.
  • The urban travel is provided by trams, buses and metros.
  • The cost of living in Slovenia is twenty-six percent below average of other European nations.
  • Slovenia is the most affordable tourist and student destinations in the world.
  • Students can afford eating in the restaurants by making use of the food coupons.
  • Bread in Slovenia will cost around 3 Euros and eggs will cost 2 Euros.
  • One liter of water will cost around .60 Euros.
  • The bus is the most affordable means of transportation.
  • The car is the most reasonable and convenient means to move around the country.

The cost of living in Slovenia is reasonable and as a student you will find the costs affordable. You may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Slovenia for international students.

Study in Slovenia

  • If you want to study in Slovenia, you will enjoy its awesome location.
  • Slovenia is an ideal destination for the international students.
  • It is the best country for those students who want to get a higher education degree.
  • The study programs have got reasonable tuition fees at part time studies and at private institutions.
  • The higher education in Slovenia has gone through many alterations.
  • The higher education studies are provided by private and public universities, faculties, art academics and professional degrees and also doctoral studies.
  • The higher education institutions can provide study programmes for lifelong learning.
  • The studies are organized as part time and full time.
  • There are some English taught programmes in varied academic fields.

If you want to study in Slovenia, that would be an ideal destination. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Slovenia for international students.

Work and study in Slovenia

  • You can get employment in Slovenia on the basis of a work permit.
  • Various job vacancies are on the websites of the employment services in Slovenia.
  • There is temporary and part time work for college and university students in Slovenia.
  • The students can work through a special type of contract known as referral forms.
  • You may work through a student service agency in case you are a student from a foreign nation.
  • You may find a job on your own and inform the agency regarding the company.
  • The agency will give you a referral form and you have to give it to the employer.
  • There are some conditions for working in Slovenia as a student

To work and study in Slovenia is an exciting prospect and you will enjoy working there. You may contact us for work and study in Slovenia prospects for international students.

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