Work and Study in Slovenia

Students placements are designed to enable their participants to get some practical experience and this improves their employability. The student placements can be beneficial to the international students.

  • The placements in Slovenia are available to the foreign students
  • The internships are usual and liked by the students and employers as a professional tool of getting skills
  • Students can apply for part-time or seasonal jobs via the employment agencies or through the advertised positions.
  • The salaries are on the basis of part time and temporary positions on an hourly rate.
  • The students have to take private insurance for the whole period of their stay in Slovenia and it covers the medical costs.

To work and study in Slovenia is a challenging opportunity and students will find it an exciting prospect to work and study in Slovenia. You may contact us to know more about how to work and study in Slovenia.

Study in Slovenia

  • Slovenia has got awesome universities for studying purposes.
  • The studies in Slovenia are suitable for the foreign students.
  • The studies are in English.
  • There are small groups of foreign students.
  • The students may get more of the individual time from the professors and teaching assistants.
  • Several students opt for the Slovenian universities for in-depth study of the European culture.
  • The applicants who have a Magister degree with nice grades can be considered for PhD admission.

To study in Slovenia is a great aspect and students will find it highly affordable to study in Slovenia. You may contact us to know more about how to study in Slovenia.

Cost of living in Slovenia

  • The cost of accommodation is reasonable and the student dormitories range from 80 Euros to 160 Euros.
  • The most affordable way is to walk around. One more options is to purchase an old bike.
  • The prices are around 30 Euros to 50 Euros.
  • A single ticket for transportation purposes may cost you 1.2 Euros.
  • One liter of milk may cost you around .9 Euros.
  • The cost of accommodation in Slovenia is around 100 to =150 Euros per month.
  • The cost of meals in the universities facilities is around 3 to 5 per meal.
  • The urban public transport card is around 20 Euros per month.
  • Travel is economical and is provided by trams, buses and metros.

The cost of living in Slovenia is affordable and you may contact us to know more about the cost of living in Slovenia.

Education system in Slovenia

  • There are higher education institutions in Slovenia and art academies and professional colleges.
  • The private higher education institutions can be established as universities or single faculties, art academies and professional colleges.
  • There are higher education programmes in Slovenia.
  • The admission criteria for getting access to higher education is defined by the law and the access requirements are defined by the study programmes.
  • The student status can be achieved by enrollment.
  • The places available is static for all the study programmes.
  • The places available for the new applicants are mentioned every year by the higher education institutions.

The higher education system in Slovenia is quite reasonable and the students will find it suitable. You may contact us to know more about the education system in Slovenia.

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