174 Occupations Approved by South Australia for Sponsored Visas

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174 Occupations Approved by South Australia for Sponsored Visas

The Government of South Australia has signed an agreement of DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement) with the federal government last month.

DAMA is made to help employers and businesses to find skilled workers from overseas for domains that are going through skill shortages.

There will be 2 Designated Area Migration Agreement’s that South Australia will have:

First will cover the Metropolitan region of Adelaide

According to the statement made by the South Australian migration, there will be 60 occupations for Innovation and Technology Agreement of Adelaide which will support the city deal of the region.

Concessions given through this agreement deal with certain challenges such as enticing skilled individual’s by providing permanent residency pathway’s in South Australia.

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The 2nd Designated Area Migration Agreement termed as the South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement is the DAMA that covers the whole of SA. On this particular agreement there are 114 jobs included.

This South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement with 114 jobs provides businesses in growth of industries such as hospitality, tourism, health, agribusiness, construction and mining sectors with the capability to retain and access a skilled manpower, says migration South Australia.

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One of the migration experts suggests that DAMA’s occupation list for South Australia includes some popular professions that provides with permanent residency pathways.

“If we look at the occupation list there are several occupations that are quite interesting. For example occupations like hospitality management, accommodation, baker, restaurant & cafe manager pro, Aged & disability care etc. provide permanent residency pathways.”

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“Then there’re certain occupations that may not normally lead to PR through general skilled migration like dentist & dental assistant are obtainable with skill concessions.

Migration Agent Adelaide further says that there concessions for employers to recruit individuals with specific skills. These concessions in skills, English language, experience, age and salary have expanded the migrant’s opportunities.

Note: Designated Area Migration Agreement falls under the employer-sponsored visa program which is a part of Visa Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage Visa). This visa lets the employers to sponsor skilled workers from overseas for the positions that they fail to fill through local labour market.

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