Labor Government To Cut The Temporary Parent Visa Fee and Remove The Current Cap

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Labor Government To Cut The Temporary Parent Visa Fee and Remove The Current Cap

The labor government has decided to reduce the sponsored parent (temporary) visa fee and remove the cap of visas which is currently 15000.

The parent sponsorship visa applications opened recently and the applications will start getting accepted from 1st July this year post the coalition government launched a new visa that’ll let the parents of permanent residents and citizens of Australia to stay in this country for a period of 5 years continuously. This visa was promised back in 2016 before federal election.

However the visa was criticised for a fee of $10000 with a validity of five years and $5000 for a validity of three years. Now the labour will slash the fee to 2500$ & 1250$ for five and three years respectively.

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The party’s policy of the parent visa will be announced by Shayne Neumann, the immigration shadow minister and Chris Bowen, the shadow treasure in Sydney on Monday. This policy also suggests putting an end to the condition which lets the families choose only one set of their parents (either parents or in-laws) per household as per the current visa. The labour government will also remove the cap of visas which is currently 15000 per annum.

According to the new policy of the labour, parents can stay back in Australia after their visa ends, if they wish to renew it further. As per the current rule holders of parent visa must leave Australia once their visa expires and before the renewal.

This long stay visa for parents introduced by the labour government will be affordable and within reach of more families- in contrary to the high-priced liberals fees for which families end up paying around $40000 to get visas.

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David Coleman, the Immigration Minister earlier said that the fee of visa was reasonable. Last month he said that it is very important for the government to run a sustained program of migration where the program cost is born by people as well and not by only the tax payers.

He further said that this why we think that the fee charge is reasonable and according to the inceptive indications the program is going to be efficiently subscribed.

The visa that the government has delivered is significantly different from the one promised before the 2016 federal election. The promised visa did not have an annual cap on the number of visas and the sponsoring children would have been required to pay a refundable bond.

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The visa that has been delivered by the government is quite different from the visa promised prior to the federal election in 2016. According to that visa, it did not have a cap of the visa number and the children sponsoring the parents were required to pay the refundable bond.

Indian community members who ran the campaign for parent visa for long stay said that the visa was highly expensive and proclaimed it as “Blackmail”.

Labour termed this visa by the government as “broken promise” and promised to replace it with an unbiased visa.

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Shayne Neumann, the Shadow Minister for immigration said that we understand the significance of the grandparents and family in the younger ones lives. And children have the right to be cared by both set of their grandparents.

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