408 Visa News: Government Declares Shutdown of Pandemic Event Visa

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408 Visa News: Government Declares Shutdown of Pandemic Event Visa

What is 408 Visa or Pandemic Event Visa?

In 2020, at the height of the epidemic, the Pandemic Event Visa (Subclass 408) was created to help international students who couldn’t leave Australia and cover employment gaps. However, given that it permitted individuals to work an infinite number of hours for 12 months, some immigration agents and education specialists had been pressing for its abolition sooner.

The 408 pandemic subclass visa will no longer be open to new applications as of Friday, according to announcements made on August 31 by Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles. Only current visa holders can apply for short-term renewals per this COVID visa news 408.

The administration is changing its stance as the nation advances in its salvage. According to 408 visa news, the primary justification for this visa has been addressed. As a result, efforts are being made to return to more traditional immigration procedures to meet Australia’s changing needs.

The government limited the time to prevent an influx of fresh applications.

Facts You Should Know Pandemic Event 408 Visa

When will COVID visa end: 

As of February 2024, the Pandemic Event visa will no longer be granted. This action is consistent with Australia’s move towards the post-pandemic era.

Terms of Renewal: 

You may apply for a renewal if you possess this visa as of 2 September 2023. But take note of the modifications: 

  • The renewal will only be valid for six months and 
  • There is a $405 application charge.

Even though the circumstances that led to the permit’s inception no longer exist, early statistics from the Department of Home Affairs showed that almost 60,000 international students and temporary workers were utilising it to extend their stay in Australia.

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Options open to those with Pandemic Event visas after 408 visa update

Switch Visas:

If you’re considering changing your visa type, be careful to educate yourself on the prerequisites and conditions of the new visa. 

Remain Informed:

Check for modifications to visa regulations frequently because they may provide a route or a connection to other visa categories.

The Department of Home Affairs is a trusted resource for all information and guidance. You can stay aware and ready for changes in the visa environment by regularly checking their updates.

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The Albanese Labour Government has announced the closure of the pandemic event visa by February 2024, a significant development. Beginning on September 2, 2023, the visa subclass will gradually be phased out.

If you’re considering changing your visa in Australia, ensure you know the requirements and restrictions of the new substantive visa. If you want to move, consult a Registered Migration Agent for advice.

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