491 Visa NSW Latest Update: Skilled Work Program Under Pathway 1 Opened

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491 Visa NSW Latest Update: Skilled Work Program Under Pathway 1 Opened

New South Wales (NSW) government modifications to the Skilled Work Regional visa subclass 491 under Pathway 1 took effect on April 3, 2024. It is a significant step forward for skilled migration in NSW. This 491 Visa NSW Latest Update makes it easier for qualified persons in regional NSW to meet the requirements, facilitating nomination and supporting local economic growth.

Skilled Work Program Under Pathway 1

Through this method, candidates can apply directly to Investment NSW if they have previous work experience with a regional NSW firm. This pathway intends to assist candidates employed in a rural area of New South Wales for a year and significantly impact the region.

For an application to be eligible for NSW nomination under Pathway 1, they must fulfil the following requirements:

  • They must have spent the last 12 months continuously residing and working in a recognised regional area of NSW and
  • One regional NSW-based employer must have provided the qualifying skilled employment in the 12 months before application, and it must have been in the nominated (or closely similar) occupation and
  • NSW must determine that the job is skilled and
  • The eligible employer must pay the position at the minimum TSMIT of $70,000 (prorated if less than 38 hours per week).

Regulations for NSW Nomination for the Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa (Pathway 1)

To apply for a New South Wales nomination for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) using ‘Pathway 1’ and have it accepted, you must follow the following significant steps:

Eligibility Check

Ensure you have fulfilled the Department of Home Affairs visa requirements, including the requirements for NSW nomination.

Presenting an Expression of Interest (EOI)

You must present your EOI using SkillSelect. You should focus on the subclass 491 skilled work regional visa in your expression of interest (EOI) and express your preference for NSW nomination. You cannot alter your EOI after submitting it. Therefore, before submitting your EOI, be sure it is accurate.

Application Procedure

To submit, complete the application form supplied and enclose ALL required supporting documentation in a single file.

Assessment Stage

Following receipt, The department will evaluate your application following NSW’s nomination requirements. Up to six weeks may pass throughout the assessment procedure.

Notifying the Result

The Department of Home Affairs will invite you to apply for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) if your application meets our requirements. You will receive an email invitation at the address you provided in your SkillSelect EOI.

Significant changes to Pathway 1

The primary modification made to the criterion is the reduction of the 12-month employment requirement to a mere 6-month period. Now, instead of twelve months, skilled professionals who live and work in NSW’s designated regional areas can be nominated under Pathway 1 after six consecutive months of employment.

With this change, more qualified people should be able to contribute to NSW’s communities and regional economy by expanding the pool of candidates eligible for the qualified Work Regional visa.

Important notes about the application

  • The applicant’s SkillSelect EOI must declare that they seek skilled work recognised following NSW’s validation of their skills in the specified occupation.
  • The applicant must apply for a visa from within Australia, and they cannot be in the process of applying for a permanent visa with the Department of Home Affairs.


The New South Wales (NSW) government requests talented individuals currently employed in the state apply directly to Investment NSW for the Subclass 491 visa as part of its continuing 2023–24 migration drive. The program is intended to address primary skill shortages in remote areas.

With the NSW Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491 Program, the NSW government is focusing on particular industry sectors that have severe shortages of skills. You must get assistance from migration professionals to get more updates about visas and their amendments.

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