Temporary vs. Permanent Visa Pathways: Australia Decides To Split Migration Intake

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Temporary vs. Permanent Visa Pathways: Australia Decides To Split Migration Intake

Amidst the plight of Covid-19, Australia is looking forward to executing a couple of plans on its immigration sector. This includes the implementation of a few plans regarding the intake of its temporary and permanent visa holders. Besides, the slump in Australia’s migration by 85% has led to another advantage for the country. This means that this downfall has made Australia the largest populated country as of now. So, let’s take a look at some of the basic

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Difference Between The Number of Temporary and Permanent Migrants

So, let’s start by differentiating the number of temporary and permanent visa holders of Australia. In this context, the former wins over the latter. To know more about this, please refer to the given information.

  • At present, the number of temporary visa holders in Australia is around 2.1 million
  • Conversely, the number of permanent visa holders is only 1.78 million as of April 2020
  • According to the latest statistics, the number of permanent visa applicants has been reduced by 30,000. Hence, the total number of permanent visa applicants in Australia has come down to 1, 60,000.
  • This decision was made by the Australian government as an initiative to keep up the promise to a federal government. And, the promise was to decrease the overcrowded population in some of the major cities of Australia.
  • Earlier during 2012-2014, the number of permanent visa intakes used to be around 1, 90,000. This came down by 30,000 during 2018-2019, hence, the current number is 160,323 as of now.
  • On the contrary, the number of temporary visa holders in Australia has increased from 1.6 to 2.4 million. And, this upsurge took place in December last year.

Some of the experts are even trying to convene an immigration meeting. This meeting would reveal the current number of temporary and permanent visa holders in Australia during the Coronavirus situation.

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The Repercussion of This Change on Temporary and Permanent Australian Workers

If compared amongst temporary and permanent visa holders, the former has faced a significant brunt of the aforesaid change. Some of the ways in which they have been affected are:

  • The Australian Council of Trade was already apprehensive of an ongoing ‘underclass of exploited temporary visa holders. In fact, they made this known to the Australian government a lot before the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • And, according to their presumptions, several Australian employers are exploiting their offshore workers like anything. And, these overseas workers are solely temporary visa holders of Australia as stated by them.
  • Furthermore, they are saying that Australian employers are hiring these overseas workers for menial jobs against meager incomes.

However, others are claiming that these statements as completely baseless. Conversely, they are saying these temporary workers have significantly contributed to the migration workforce of Australia. This in return has made Australia the second biggest migrant workforce to the OECD after the US.

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Which Visa Holders Are Entitled to More Rights? 

In this context, a sheer reply would be permanent visa holders. Yes, the permanent visa holders are entitled to a greater number of rights as compared to the temporary visa holders. Despite this, the number of permanent visa applicants has gone down like anything. This is because of the exceptionally long waiting time. Hence, the federal government has implemented two feasible visa options in November, last year. Hopefully, these two visa options will attract more permanent visa applicants post the Covid-19 eradication.

Top 3 Ways Which Give More Rights to Permanent Visa Holders

The top 3 ways in which the permanent visa holders get more rights as compared to temporary visa holders are:

  • The various permanent residents and New Zealand dwellers of Australia will get work rights away from any conditions. On the other end, the temporary visa holders of Australia aren’t entitled to rights like these.
  • The permanent visa holders of Australia can stay back in the country, based on certain privileges. Conversely, the government of Australia has asked some temporary visa holders to return to their home country. And, this is meant for all those who cannot fund themselves in the country right now.
  • In fact, the federal government has allowed the permanent visa holders to access their superannuation for more than 12 months. Conversely, this is not the case for the temporary visa holders.

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