Australian Government Will Grant Permanent Residency to Thousands of Refugees

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Australian Government Will Grant Permanent Residency to Thousands of Refugees

As of Monday, Under new rules, thousands of refugees with temporary visas in Australia will be eligible for a permanent stay. However, Australia has reaffirmed its support for divisive border security measures. 

Australian Government Will Grant Permanent Residency to Thousands of Refugees

The government has declared that anyone who entered Australia before the implementation of the “Operation Sovereign Borders” policy in 2013 who is currently in possession of Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV) will have access to a permanent visa pathway. In the year, Scott Morrison, the immigration minister at that time, introduced a policy that prevented family reunions for refugees who arrived by boat by putting their family visa applications last.

As of right now, qualified refugees can seek permanent residence with the right to a family reunion and a path to citizenship.

The administration said it had informed Indonesian and Sri Lankan officials in response to worries that the measure might boost the number of unauthorised refugee boats.

According to the Refugee Advice and Casework Service, the government’s decision would “change the lives” of thousands of refugees, many of whom had “lived in limbo for a decade.”

The reform will allow refugees to travel freely throughout the nation and back again, find stable employment or get full social security benefits, and invite their families to settle in Australia.

Andrew Giles, minister of immigration, said, “there are thousands of temporary protection visa (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise visa (SHEV) holders in the community that have endured ten years of uncertainty due to the policies of the previous Liberal Government.”

“For years, refugees have been denied access to family reunions simply because of how they arrived in Australia to seek protection. This policy has caused enormous stress and anxiety for thousands of people and has resulted in children growing up without knowing their parents.” The Council’s chief executive officer Paul Power said.

Holders of TPVs and SHEVs contribute to society by working, paying taxes, starting businesses, hiring Australians, and establishing homes—often in rural and regional locations. However, they have been unable to obtain loans to purchase homes, start businesses, or advance their studies without permanent permits.

So To keep refugees “in limbo,” according to local media commentator Andrew Giles, “makes no sense.”

The adjustments were part of a Labor election promise and were praised by advocates for refugees as “a victory of togetherness and compassion over division and fear.” They imply that people who currently possess temporary protection or haven enterprise visas will be qualified to apply for a visa for permanent resolution of status.

It will grant them the same privileges as all other permanent residents, including the ability to receive social security benefits, enrol in the national disability insurance programme, and borrow money for higher education. It will also open a path to obtaining Australian citizenship, which would enable holders to sponsor the immigration of their family members.

After receiving repeated criticism from the Coalition when Labor declared its plan to adjust the election, the home affairs minister, Clare O’Neil, was especially eager to emphasise that point.

You will be turned away or sent back to your port of origin if you attempt to enter Australia without a valid visa. “Operation Sovereign Borders has little chance of settling in Australia.

The navy has been turning away or towing migrant boats seeking to enter Australian waterways as part of Operation Sovereign Borders.

Rights organisations have criticised the strategy. According to opposition MPs, the proposed visa reforms will “enliven chances for people traffickers” and encourage more asylum seekers to attempt to go to Australia by sea.

The government promised to make it simpler for refugees on permanent visas who arrived in Australia by boat to bring family members with them days before the announcement. The Australian Refugee Council welcomed this information.

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