Applicants For Skilled Immigration Will Be Fast-Tracked In Australia

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Applicants For Skilled Immigration Will Be Fast-Tracked In Australia

The government of Australia is suggesting simplifying the process of bringing skilled workers to Australia from all over the world. discontent and backlash from the applicants.

The department of home affairs receives orders from immigration minister Andrew Giles of Australia to apply a fast-track process for visa applications to overcome the skill shortage circumstances of the country and to expect good initiatives from the new government.

According to Mr Giles, the department of home affairs should start working on reducing the drawn-out processing time for skilled visa applications.

The economic development committee of Australia seeks the government to grant a pathway for skilled workers from overseas to undertake intra-company transfers to Australia.
It proposes a new skilled immigration visa for four years that can proceed further with permanent residency in Australia to the employees of established, standard, and trusted employers. To apply for the proposed visa, the applicant must satisfy additional eligibility requirements –

  • the threshold of a high salary is $100,000 or more, and
  • the duration of his employment with the company must be more than 12 months.

“ Generally, multinational, large companies are trusted users of the visa system, and they tend to promote a fair bit of foreign investment and also knowledge transfer across their workforce”, according to Mr Ball, the chief economist of the Australian committee on Economic Development.

The fast-track visa procedure is available in the United States and the United Kingdom for multinational companies. The authorities of immigration in the United States granted around 116,000 L1 visas in the year 2021, but this figure is less than the visa granted before the Covid-19 scenario. 

The Australian government is planning to implement a similar process in Australia to attract more investments and knowledge from foreign countries. However, by the immigration minister’s order, the Australian government should first process outstanding visa applications because visa granting should be prompt.

Scheme for the fast-track

The scheme of fast-track visas for the applicant for the workers in Australia. According to the report issued by SBS, software engineers, ICT business analysts, residential medical officers, chefs, and program developers are the prime occupations for temporary skilled visa allocation by the Australian government between July to September 2022.

Mr Ball said that the establishment of revolutionary manufacturing by CSL and Cochlear in Australia reflects that they relied on highly experienced talent from all over the world to help build their workforce. 

The government said that both the community and the previous administration have raised their concerns regarding the delay in the process of visa application. 

Progress for upcoming years 

The government seems to be open to the opinion, with Immigration Minister Andrew Giles notifying a CEDA conference last month that it was “an essential idea that deserves serious deliberation”.

CEDA is a self-reliant think tank that aspires to support and enhance Australia’s economy and society.

There is a report which is published in Winny Immigration that visa application is always the priority for the Australian government. They commit that visa applications will be processed promptly.

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