Australian Visa Processing Times Just Got Shorter

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Australian Visa Processing Times Just Got Shorter

The Department revealed in a LinkedIn post on 3 August 2023 that processing times for study, employment, and holiday visas have improved:

  • The post states that the current typical processing times for Australian visas are as follows:
  • For Student visa 500 – within 16 days
  • For Temporary Skill Shortage 482 visa within 21 days
  • Within one day, healthcare and educational professionals can obtain an Employer-Sponsored Visa
  • Within one day for offshore and international Working Holiday Visa
  • Additionally, processing times have decreased for some permanent visas; for example, 90% of Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 applications are handled in less than seven months. 

The revelation follows claims that the Department was experiencing significant delays in processing visa applications due to an excessive volume.

Factors Affecting Australian Visa Processing Time

Applications are evaluated case-by-case, and the Department of Home Affairs stated processing dates are subject to alter based on unique circumstances. The following are a few of the aspects that could impact how quickly your visa is processed:

  • Whether you correctly completed the application form
  • Whether you have submitted and finished all required paperwork
  • How long does it take for officials to check the submitted information as required
  • How long it takes for you to get further information from outside sources

Although the average processing durations for different visa subclasses have decreased, there is no assurance that the department will accept your visa within this time limit. You may improve the likelihood of visa completion by ensuring your application is thorough and includes all necessary supporting papers.


If you’re thinking about moving to Australia, it is critical to understand the changing timescales and legal requirements. You shouldn’t make firm decisions or travel arrangements until your visa applications have been granted. It is not feasible to expedite your application. Thus, you must stand in queue with all other applicants for visas.

Depending on the volume of applications, the intricacy of the case, and the reliability of the information submitted, processing periods may range from a few days to many months. While some visa categories may process applications more quickly than others, both scenarios are possible.

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