Holders with TSS 482 Visas Have Six Months to Find a New Sponsor

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Holders with TSS 482 Visas Have Six Months to Find a New Sponsor

While working on a TSS 482 visa, you can switch employers (sponsors). But you must fulfil the requirements. To avoid violating the terms of your present visa and any penalties for your prospective employer, you and your proposed employer should move cautiously forward.

You are not permitted to start working for your new company until a decision on a new nomination application submitted by your potential employer has been made.

Immigration, citizenship, and multicultural affairs minister According to a statement made by the Hon. Andrew Giles MP, those possessing Temporary Skills Shortage visa subclass 482 in Australia would now have six months rather than one month to work without an employer sponsor.

New rules regarding moving to a New sponsor

A sponsored Temporary skill shortage subclass 482 visa holder will have six months to locate a new sponsor if you let them leave their job.

The TSS 482 visa holder can begin working for you without waiting for the new nomination to be approved if they were previously sponsored by another company but are no longer working by them. If you want to keep them, you must make a TSS nomination within six months of the date they stopped working for their prior sponsor.

You violate condition 8607 if you start working for a new employer without having an approved nomination submitted by that employer, and the company stands the risk of paying fines and penalties for hiring a visa holder who is operating against the law.

You have the risk of losing your visa if you violate a visa requirement. The danger includes:

  • According to section 116(b) of the Migration Act of 1958, your present visa may be revoked if the Department is aware of the condition broken.
  • Any prior violation of the terms of your visa will be considered when deciding whether to deny your application for a new TSS 482 visa Australia.

An Education Agent Perth can explain all the terms and requirements to take advantage of these new amendments.

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