Good News For Temporary Graduate Visa Holders In Australia

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Good News For Temporary Graduate Visa Holders In Australia

After an unprecedented border ban due to coronavirus, the Australian Government is considering to attract new migrants holding a TGV or Temporary Graduate Visa. The decision is taken keeping into consideration to build the country’s economy while boosting regional areas. Many international TGV (Temporary Graduate Visa) holders who have completed their studies from a recognized university in Australia will be eligible for a second TGV from 2021.

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Important News: Overseas Students From Specific Nations Can Return to Australia on 30th November 2020

Some Essential Points

To attract migrants from across the world, the Government of the country works with the territory, state, and local governments. It helps immigrants to settle in Australia and get an opportunity to work in their specified field according to their skills, experience, and qualification. Concerning that, by the end of 2019, the Australian Government had made many changes to boost the country’s economy in the immigration programs. The essential points include:

  • A skilled regional permanent resident visa (from November 2022).
  • Below is the category of the Skilled Migration Points Test. Different points are included for skilled immigrants getting nominated to work and stay in Australia.
  • Different alternatives are available for aspirants completing their graduation from Australian universities.
  • Two skilled provisional visas will help you become a permanent residence of Australia.

Information for Offshore Students Studying in Australia

Aspirants eligible for a second TGV must reside in the country till the end of their new visa. The visa includes people who have completed their studies from a regional campus. Take a quick look at the essential points.

  • On a second Temporary Graduate Visa, offshore students who have completed their graduation and lived and studied in Category 2 qualify for an additional year.
  • On a second TGV, offshore graduates who have lived and studied under category 3 qualify for residing in the country for extra two years.

A Glimpse At The Additional Aspects!

The TGV initiative will give an incentive to offshore candidates to complete their studies in an Australian institution. Additionally, they can live in the country after completing their studies; while enhancing prosperity and diversity. It will also help in decreasing the growing pressure in the infrastructure sector across major parts of Australia. It is an initiative by the Australian Government for offshore aspirants wishing to come and study in Australia.

A Small Description of Eligible Regional Areas!

The Australian Government has specified the eligible regional areas in three categories. Students planning to apply for a second term must focus on such aspects. The categories are:

  1. Category 1: Major cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane will not receive any additional incentives.
  2. Category 2: “Cities and Major Regional Centres” of Adelaide, Perth, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Wollongong/Illawarra, Hobart, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, and Geelong.
  3. Category 3: “Regional Centres and Other Regional Areas.”

The regional word specifies that it provides regional incentives to skilled immigrants classified under Category 3 and Category 2.

Addressing Labour Shortage in The Agricultural Sector

Many temporary visa measures were also considered by the Australian Government, keeping the labour shortage in the agricultural sector. It will help employers to get more workers and overcome the labour shortage while boosting the sector. For additional assistance and information on these matters, you can contact Registered Migration Agent Perth at ISA Migrations. They will come up with the right news and targeted assistance.

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