Good News Alert! Internation Students’ And Working Holiday Makers Visa Charges To Be Waived Off

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Good News Alert! Internation Students’ And Working Holiday Makers Visa Charges To Be Waived Off

Australia has been immensely struggling with an exquisite number of workforce insufficiency. And to combat this troubling situation, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has released a call to all the working holiday makers and international students to “come on down” to Australia.

The Government of Australia has exempted fees for visa applications from 19th January 2022. All those working holiday makers and international students who are willing to travel to Australia can easily do so as they do not have to think much about the charges of their visa application. The ministry thinks that this is the only way to encourage more people to arrive in the nation.

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With the pandemic prevailing from 2020, Australia is currently combating the third wave of the novel coronavirus. At present, the Omicron variant has spread out so rapidly that the Australian population is almost being tragically swept with every passing day.

Due to this, the nation has faced a significant shortage in workforces. Scott Morrison has decided to bestow this remarkable change to initiate that help from other foreign countries.

At a news conference today, Morrison has clearly stated, “What we’ll be doing is we will be rebating the visa application fees from all those who arrive today.” He has also pleaded to all the visa holders to contemplate coming to Australia at once, “My message to them is come on down.” he added.
The statute that has been put into immediate effect states that:

  • The Australian Government will rebate the visa application fees for both global students and working holidaymakers.
  • The objective will have effect from the 19th January 2022, Wednesday and will continue for eight weeks straight.
  • However, the regulation will be in effect for twelve weeks for all the working holidaymakers.

Morrison also mentioned, “We want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia – move all the way around the country and, at the same time, join our workforce.”

As per the rule book of visa application charges of Australia, international students are required to pay $630, whereas working holidaymakers are required to pay $495. Nevertheless, the whole application charges have been exempted. While Josh Frydenberg addressed the present shortages of the workforce to the nation, he believes that the exemption of visa charges might make a “big difference.”

With the enormous surge of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, people are being driven off work. They are either becoming inept at catering to their jobs or isolating themselves since they have been infected with the deadly virus.

In this way, the job sectors remain vacant, and nothing results in the output. For this, many sectors are being incurred with huge losses altogether. He also addressed, “We are putting out the welcome mat” to all those who are willing to travel overseas for jobs or educational purposes.

The prime minister has also announced that Australian Tourism will be given $3 million to support a marketing program that targets students and backpackers significantly.

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