Morrison Government Announced More flexibility for Temporary Migrant Visas

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Morrison Government Announced More flexibility for Temporary Migrant Visas

After the adverse effects of the pandemic, the Morrison-led Australian Government has opened its door to welcome temporary workers for supporting the pandemic recovery process in critical job roles.

Temporary Visa
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Arrival of International Student

“We are quite happy to welcome around 43,000 global students on their arrival in Australia,” says the Morrison Government after announcing that Australia is open to all visa holders who are fully vaccinated. The Government has permitted entry to Australia for those who are Working Holiday Maker, Skilled and Student cohorts, as well as Humanitarian and some family visa holders.

Currently, over 150,000 student visa holders from international borders have been given support by the Australian Government to continue their studies in this country. The reopening of the borders for them is a transparent signal that Australia remains one of the top premier study destinations globally.

Arrival of Skilled Workers And Working Holiday Maker

Moreover, Australia has permitted entry to more than 8,000 skilled workers. Since November 2021, the Morrison Government has granted around 22,000 Working Holiday Maker visas. This clearly shows how the demand for Working Holiday visas has increased significantly.

Ever since the Government announced the changes in November 2021, around 60,000 family members in Australians visiting had been welcomed to this beautiful island country. The rapid demand and fulfilment of visa requirements have led to a successful pandemic recovery for both the Government and the workers.

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Flexibility In Skilled Regional Provisional Visa

For the visa holders who were adversely impacted by the Covid-19 international travel restrictions, the Morrison Government brings good news.

It will extend this visa (subclass 491, 489, and 494 visa) by three years and help around 10,000 skilled regional workers benefitting better opportunities in the country. It will provide every former and current visa holder with sufficient extra time, so that they can make travel arrangements to continue staying as well as working in the regional Australia.

Flexibility In Temporary Graduate Visa

From February 18, 2022, the Morrison Government will start making changes to permit former and current subclass 485 or Temporary Graduate – visa holders. This will enable them to re-enter the island country and apply for a prolonged stay.

Graduates must be happy to read that temporary graduate visas will get extended for the graduates who were not there in Australia any time between February 1, 2020, and December 14, 2021. However, they must have held a valid Temporary Graduate visa back then.

As reported, this visa extension will be in immediate effect from February 18, 2022. Not to worry, the Department of Home Affairs will directly notify the visa holders about the extension of their visa. They may arrive in Australia after this extension takes place from February 18 onwards.

These significant changes will assist temporary graduates in returning to Australia as soon as possible. Much better news lies ahead of further planned temporary graduate visa changes on July 1, 2022, which aims to give further visa extensions to former graduates.

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