South Australia Announced Major Changes in General Skilled Migration

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South Australia Announced Major Changes in General Skilled Migration

SA has offered concessions and opened up migration doors for those overseas students who demonstrated their loyalty to the state by regularly residing in SA since 2012, March.

“Immigration South Australia would be recognizing those former and current students who remained in and contributed to SA (and none other authority) for several years, demonstrating their continuing loyalty to the state,” says official website of immigration the state.

The changes will come into effect from February, 2019. It also offers state nomination for the 489 provisional visa to those applicants who satisfy stated conditions such as living in SA from 2012, among other individuals.

Any former or current student from overseas who has continually resided in SA since 2012, March or earlier and resumes their stay in SA would be given state nomination for the 489 provisional visa, declared the Department of Home Affairs.

The candidate will be proffered with state nomination if she or he is currently working in SA in any profession (not necessarily a skilled position) for past three years minimum (at least 20 hours per week) or doing a course of study with duration of minimum 1 year (academic-year) in SA.

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The changes in policy for Skilled Independent Visa Australia are declared as a pilot & may change, clarified Immigration South Australia.

For high-performing students

State nomination will be given to the international students who will be able to acquire a skills-assessment and can meet the top performing degree-level settings. Though according to the immigration of South Australia this waiver of work experience will require a minimum GPA of 6.0 (Grade Point Average).

“This feature remains for the applicants looking for nomination for 190 permanent visa and this opportunity will enable these overseas students to stay for more time in SA than through other available temporary pathways, granting them additional time to build their careers.”

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Amendments to the policy of Chain Migration

The immigration of SA also eliminated the requirement of bachelor’s degree for chain-migration.

South Australia introduced policy of chain migration in 2014 to let migrants join their family members in SA.

The pathway of chain migration provides access to professions on the Supplemental Skilled List for the candidates with an eligible relative already living in South Australia. However since its launch, this required at least a bachelor’s degree or a degree higher than that. This requirement of bachelor’s degree has been removed now.

According to Experts it is a significant change & a boost to the individuals (visa-seekers) who are considering about moving from Sydney and Melbourne, the 2 most desirable and in-demand towns.

One of the migration experts from Melbourne says “The recent roll of the unexpected changes in visa rules & regulations have bewildered and confused many. These people are not certain if their money and time investment would bring favourable results or not. Changes like these uplift the confidence that putting in money and time in the state provides with excellent returns.”

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