New Changes to the Graduate Stream of the State Nomination Migration Program

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New Changes to the Graduate Stream of the State Nomination Migration Program

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Merely, those who study in Western Australia will be accessed with the benefit of the State Nomination Migration Program (SNMP) Graduate stream.

As per the announcement of McGowan (dated 16 October 2019), the extension of the graduate stream will have the inclusion of VET (Vocational Education & Training ) graduates who incline to complete a qualification at Certificate III level or above in Western Australia. This qualification too had the exclusion of trade occupations unless these are availed to the international students.

In December 2019, there will be an issue of the first invitation round for considering the VET graduates. Varied other changes to the stream of SNMP graduates view the following;

  • The requirement for the overseas students to study in Western Australia for two years counts to qualify the higher education, VET or/and English language intensive courses, etc.
  • Reduction in job offer requirements and work experience is too certain. Graduates are needed to have the demonstration of the six-month employment contract or six-month work experience (but not both).

Currently, the requirement rests to 12 months of work experience along with a job offer for the time period of 12 months.

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Thus, prior to the December invitation round, the Migration portal will exhibit the publish of a new Graduate Occupation List & updated eligibility criteria for the graduate stream.

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