New Rules for International Students in Australia 2024

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New Rules for International Students in Australia 2024

In 2024, significant changes are reshaping the landscape for international students in Australia. These new rules aim at enhancing the experience and safety of students and to redefine the way international education is perceived and pursued in the country. These changes are done to control the increasing number of immigrants which came into effect on March 23, 2024.

The tightening of visa rules for study visas for international students is likely driven by various factors related to migration control, fraud prevention, labour market protection and the integrity of the education system.

These changes not only aim to improve the overall experience for students but also reflect Australia’s acknowledgment of the important contributions that international students make to the country’s cultural diversity, economy and academic landscape. Australia continues to face the challenges posed by the global epidemic and strive for excellence in international education. 

Major Changes You Should Know

By tightening visa rules the authorities can ensure the integrity of the education system and that students admitted to Australian institutions are qualified. In some cases the strict visa rules are due to overcrowding particularly in major cities where international students may concentrate.

These major changes made by the Australian government that you should know about:

1. English Language Proficiency Requirements

The Australian Government has made changes to the English language proficiency requirements for Student visa and Temporary Graduate visas. These changes which came into effect on March 23, 2024, include the following:

For Temporary Graduate Visa

The minimum required scores for English language tests have been adjusted restricting the number of applicants. The minimum score for the IELTS test has been increased from 6.0 to 6.5 for visa subclasses. 

The validity of the visa has now decreased from 3 years to one year. Applicants must take the English language test up to one year before the visa application date. Previously, test results were only valid for two years.

For Student visa 

The changes clarify the English language requirements for Student visas specifying that applicants must score a minimum of 6.0 for IELTS. 

2. Financial Proof Requirements

The Australian government has increased the savings international students must have to apply for a student visa. From 10 May 2024 student visa Australia applicants must have at least AU$29,710 to meet the financial ability requirements. 

You need to show that you can pay for your living expenses for the duration of your study and your stay in Australia. The ISA migrations are qualified consultants who can provide all the information regarding the new documentation update you need after the new rules are imposed. 

The amount required varies depending on the location of your study and circumstances. According to new rules, this is an increase from previous requirements. 

3. Imposition of ‘No Further Stay’ clause

The ‘No Further Stay’ (8503 or 8534) article in Australia is a restriction that prevents certain visa holders from applying for another visa while they are in Australia. 

The ‘No Further Stay’ condition is generally imposed on temporary visas such as visitor visas, student visas and some work visas. It is to prevent visa holders from extending their stay in Australia by applying for another visa while they were already in the country.

If a visa holder wishes to apply for another visa that would normally be granted while in Australia and if they are subjected to the ‘No Further Stay’ condition, they need to depart Australia and apply for a new visa from their parent country. 

4. The New Genuine Student Requirement

The new Genuine Student test will be imposed with new rules and standards replacing the old Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). The students will take a secured assessment to be eligible for the Visa. This change aims to assist international students applying to study in Australia for study. 

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is a key criterion for student visa applications in Australia. It assesses whether the visa applicant is genuinely interested in studying in Australia and not for work related purposes. Consult with the professional of ISA migrations for personalised guidance on the visa application and eligibility guidance.

Applicants must provide a document specifying the New Genuine Student requirement as part of their visa application and explaining their reasons for studying in Australia and their intention to comply with visa conditions.

5. Clampdown On Institutes

The Australian government has implemented various changes to clamp down on education institutes in 2024. These changes aim to improve the quality of the education system provided to international students to address concerns related to immigration. 

These measures check that international students receive high quality education are protected while studying in Australia. Institutions that did not meet these standards face enforcement actions including the cancellation of their registration to enroll international students.


In conclusion, the new rules for international students in Australia in 2024 represent a meaningful step forward in enhancing the experience and opportunities available to students from around the world. By streamlining visa processes, enhancing support services and providing greater flexibility in work rights. Australia is reaffirming its commitment to becoming a welcoming and dream destination for international students.

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