New Skilled Occupations List of Australia Updated With More Occupations

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New Skilled Occupations List of Australia Updated With More Occupations

An updated and new list of occupations for skilled visa in Australia is out Geophysicists, multimedia specialists, footballers and choreographers will now be entitled to apply for permanent residency in Australia after new professions were added to the SOL announced recently.

Under the migration policy of Australia the Migrants are required to be nominated in one of the skilled professions in order to apply for the relevant Australian permanent residency visa.

As announced by the Department of Home Affairs the new list has 427 skilled occupations entitled to Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 program while skilled independent visa subclass 189 has 212 occupations.

The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482 (TSS visa) has 508 occupations and Employer Nomination Scheme subclass 186 (ENS visa) has now 216 skilled occupations.

This new & updated skilled will come into effect from March 11, 2019.

New occupations have been added to the list Chaman Preet, one of the migration experts from Melbourne believes that the new list has established new pathways for the skilled workers in Australia.

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“Several new professions have been included in the list which is a pleasing surprise to many. The professions like Environmental managers have been added to the long and medium term skilled occupations list. University lecturers, Arts managers, music director, musicians and dance choreographers open new pathways for the visa seekers”.

This list has been updated with 212 professions, which earlier had 176 occupations only. 27 professions which used to be part of the short-term list have now been moved to the long and medium term Regional occupations list and Strategic Skills says Rohit Mohan, one of the registered Migration Agent from Melbourne.

All together, 5 occupations have been removed from the list. A large number of other professions have been moved to the regional occupation list or the long-term occupations list which is good news for the visa seekers says Mr. Rohit Mohan.

The withdrawal of the occupations from the SOL will not affect existing holders of a skilled visa.

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According to the Department of Home Affairs website, if you are an existing holder of a skilled visa, your visa status will not be affected by these removals unless your circumstances have changed which requires you to lodge a new application for nomination. This impact may occur if you’re changing your employer or occupation and your profession is not there on the combined list of eligible skilled occupations any longer.

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