Know 5 Important Details of the NT’s $ 15000 Relocation Offer

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Know 5 Important Details of the NT’s $ 15000 Relocation Offer

The Northern Territory needs more individuals to come and settle up north and are promising cash inducements to couples, families and people willing to do as such. The government has declared, it will contribute $9.3 million in the program to attract more individuals, to move to the Territory and the migrants including families will be offered more than $15k over the period of five years to provide services in “high priority jobs”.

More than 50 occupations have been included in the high priority jobs list with software engineering, accounting, chefs and mechanical engineering etc.

$15000 for families & “$7250 for singles on offer

The cash incentives include relocation costs, one-off local spending benefit and retention bonus and will be made available to individuals, couples and families willing to move to NT.

These cash offers will be given to the individuals, couples & families willing to relocate to the Territory, which includes local expenditure aid, retention bonus and relocation cost.

Families will get $7000, couples will get $6000 and singles will get $3000 as a relocation offer.

The one-off benefit of $1250 for local spending will be given after 6 months of staying in the Northern Territory, which can be spent on costs incurred in the NT including childcare, vehicle registration & eating out.

After spending five years in the NT, Singles will get another $3000 as a retention bonus, couples and families will get $6000 and $7000 respectively.

The government has announced that the Individuals who migrated to the NT from interstate since November 2018 and entered High Priority jobs listed on the NT’s SOPL (Skilled Occupation Priority List) will be entitled to these cash incentives.

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 If you are interested in relocating to the NT, then lets learn about the 5 important details of the program:

  1. The cash offers will target females aged between 20 to 39 years and workers aged between 55 to 65 years in high priority occupations described on the Northern Territory SOPL.
  2. Entry-level as well as senior management roles, are included on the high priority list across several industry sectors including agriculture, pastoralism, construction, finance, aviation, engineering, IT, hospitality and human resource.
  3. To become eligible, an applicant must secure a position of employment in the Northern Territory for at least 1 year and must not have lived in the NT during the 2 years before the application date.
  4. Self-employed, entrepreneurs commencing a new business and the NT public sector employees do not qualify for this program. The cash bonus is only available to permanent residents and Australian citizens.
  5. Complete details of the program will be released on October, 1 2018, with the opening of the grant applications from November, 1 2018.

According to the announcement, businesses that are not able to fill positions on the priority list with a local resource may register for this program and explore the interstate market. If they find a right candidate who fulfills the criteria of the program, the incentives will apply after that candidate has been appointed and relocated.

Michael Gunner, the chief minister of the Northern Territory said that the PGS (Population Growth Strategy) of the NT was also targeting former expats of the territory who now live outside the region.

He said, “Territorian expats now staying at a different place are an enormous pool of potential returning Territorians and advocates for the Territory. According to our research almost half of the individuals who left the NT stayed longer than they anticipated and the majority are satisfied with their time here”. About one-third say, they are likely to come back at some stage.

Through this program, the Northern Territory will spot and stay in touch with its former residents, look for feedback on several issues, & keep them informed about the investment, latest NT employment & travel opportunities.

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