Best Courses That Lead to PR In Australia

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Best Courses That Lead to PR In Australia

One of the best tourist destinations, one of the best academic destinations, one of the best immigrant destinations, Australia is all of them. There are millions of reasons for it to be so. The country is magical and miraculous. High academic standards, good lifestyle, well-paid employment, and breath-taking views are enough calling for the soul to want to live there.

If a student applies to study in Australia, more often than not there is a prospect of working and settling there in the back of the student’s head. In that likelihood, it is always a good idea to understand the best ways Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia is attainable.

Studying in Australia requires a student visa, which allows one to study there for until they graduate. However, if the student wants to work in Australia they must apply for work visas. There are many different kinds of those, discussions about which are beyond the scope of this blog. One thing that is important for students or people aspiring to settle and work in Australia to understand is that Australia follows a points system to evaluate whether or not a person is eligible for Permanent Residency (PR) in their country. One of the major points is ‘Skills in Demand’.

It would only make sense for a country to let in immigrants that can satisfy the demand of skills in their country. So, Australia releases a list of skills every year that is in demand, on one of their official portals. Following are some of those sought after skills that have been in demand year after year.

  1. Accounting: Accounting is one of the most demanded skills in Australia today. Considering the strong and healthy economy of the country and the bloom in industrialization (after a slightly fallen back third quarter in 2018), in addition to the opening of more than 30,000 jobs that marked the end of 2018, the need for accountants cannot be stressed enough. Every industry requires people that can help with their finances and the numbers, and hence taking accounting courses in Australia can help one land a job through a skill shortage visa.
  2. Engineering skills: Australia has time and again seen strong demand for engineering professionals. It’s not a surprise that most engineering skilled professionals and graduates easily get PRs in Australia. They also tend to earn the highest salaries in their respective fields. The different fields of engineering in demand are Information and Communication Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Aeronautics, Automobile Engineering, Environmental Engineering. Through Automotive engineering courses, Australiamakes sure that there is enough people studying and getting skilled in their country. However, there are shortages still. Australia also has a number of automobile training courses providers, similar to diploma colleges. Of course, ISA Migrations and Education Consultants provide some of the best courses in the fields of Engineering and beyond.
  3. Nursing skills: Nursing makes it to the list of in-demand skills every year. The reason being, Australia is one of the best health care providers in the entire world. The health care infrastructure and systems are all very well in place, and hence the need for nurses is never-ending. Australia has some of the best nursing schools with well-qualified professors. Nursing courses in Australia can be browsed and availed online.
  4. Translation and Interpretation skills: It was found in 2011 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census that above 4 million Australian people speak a dialect other than English at Home. Sure, that number has shot up today. Hence, the need for translators and interpreters. They are needed in schools, colleges, workplaces, kindergartens, everywhere. NAATI courses Australia is designed to study translation and interpretation and earn certification for the same.
  5. Hospitality skills: Tourism and Diverse cookery open a wide range of auxiliary employment options in the country. The need for Hospitality Managers, Chefs, Restaurant Managers, Hotel Managers, etc is always going to be high. Hospitality courses in Australia can be availed online and offline.

Other than the aforementioned courses, Social work courses in Australia and Teaching courses in Australia are also highly sought-after, since the skills are in demand in the country. For any further clarifications and queries, one can always get in touch with Education and Migration Consultants like ISA to get personal guidance for settling in Australia.

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